Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I've been quoted, a post on ecumenism, and two paleo links


  1. Re: the Paleo Case

    It all comes down to power. The South broke from the Union but couldn't maintain the break. They didn't have the power, in terms of population, industry, railroad communications, etc. to maintain their independence. Their motivation, their battle songs, their pretty uniforms, their support of their population (25% of them were Unionists, even though many of those Unionists populated Confederate regiments), and on occasion, excellent generalship, was not sufficient (BTW the South could have won the war--MAYBE--but Robert E. Lee blew it!).

    A state or an ideology maintains itself through coercion, hopefully the coercion of external actors (the internal actors presumably giving their consent to being governed), but sooner or later it comes down to coercion.

    I have always wondered why the conservatives in our nation's history ever let the left gain control of the sociological structures of our society, particularly the educational establishment (especially the major universities), the courts, and of course religious denominations. Doesn't make sense. The conservatives must have been asleep when the "progressives" were developing a critical mass of influence and power.

    If conservatism is embodied today principally in white males, then it is finished. It becomes a game of numbers sooner or later. The numbers of white males vis-a-vis everybody else is declining.

  2. Ron Unz's contortions on race and IQ are obvious. Everybody believes in HBD, even the anti-HBD'ers. If they truly believed intelligence was malleable, Zuckerberg's billionaire-boys' club wouldn't be bribing and cajoling the government into letting them import more high-IQ Asians. They'd just set up training facilities in Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami or for that matter, cheap, populous Haiti, and educate all those tabula rasa's into genius-hood.

    1. It's a matter of saving training dollars more than it's the alleged lower IQs of the "brown" people of the world. Import pre-trained & pre-educated (engineering, computer science,etc.) Asians. Lot less expensive than training local talent I would expect.

    2. Education is paid by taxpayers and students. IT prefers its engineers white and Asian for the same reason homebuyers prefer their school districts white and Asian.

  3. A-G, you have no idea what you're talking about. IT has its share of troglodytes but the real driving forces are (a) demand (high) and (b) supply (small). Asians get hired because there are an enormous lot of Asians and because their educational systems do a good enough job of educating them; they are actually typically less preferred, overall, because they so often have communication problems due to substandard English. I would also personally observe that their skill levels are often not as high as one would like. One does see American blacks but given the poor educational opportunities for them it's not at all surprising that they are underrepresented; also, they are after all only a tenth of the population. There seem to be several reasons for the underrepresentation of women: some of it is perhaps sex differential in interests, but a lot of it is that (a) women are more resistant to the kind of abusive employment that is typical of the field, and (b) they are far less likely to possess the desirable Asperger's traits. And there is still a lot of rank sexism out there: I don't personally see it but I do get told about it from those on the receiving end.


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