Monday, June 24, 2013

'Mad Men' Season 6 finale

Great soap-opera fake-outs and twists, Peggy being sexy, and a cliffhanger for Don. But he still has his hat: he’s virtually unchanged from Season 1. Good. I saw his crises coming. The show’s about Don’s fall (the opening credits) as a metaphor for the disappearing golden era (an elegy, nostalgia), where he loses or almost loses everything (wife, kids, and job), and his possible redemption since we’re emotionally invested in this anti-hero.

Will Megan leave for good? Has Don really been fired? Will Ted the coward come back and would Peggy take him back? Just what the hell is Bob up to? Pete, when he screws up his face in anger like Don Knotts trying to look tough, has become comic relief.

Midlife: as what defines him as Don is taken away, he seems to be reconciling himself to being Dick Whitman, hence the visit to the old house where he spent his horrible adolescence.

So where will next season pick up? My guess is it will start in the winter or spring of ’69, just after where the show has left off, and end in ’70, as convenient for marking the end as ’60 was for the beginning.

The possibility of epilogue text on the screen telling us what happens to everybody, or the last scenes jumping to the end of a character’s (Don’s?) life in the ’80s or ’90s, or even to the present day with an older Peggy or Sally: closure or corny? I want to know but acknowledge that the text route’s too hokey for the show’s style, as would be fast-forwarding and/or age makeup (or use older actors) unless it were done extremely well.

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