Thursday, June 20, 2013

Reading a mainstream article about game

Five ways regular guys ruin their first impression with women.

As readers of Roissy and Sunshine Mary (married conservative Protestant) know, most mainstream advice about dating and marriage, including from well-meaning conservative Christians (white knights et al.), is lies. (‘Be nice; just be yourself.’ Well, you can always change yourself if you’re not happy. That’s the good news of game.) So when I saw this from Cracked (better than the smug SWPLs at the Onion whom I don’t read anymore; mostly history and news of the weird, not snobbish putdowns; better than the average liberal dweeb but still parishioners at the Cathedral), I braced myself for anti-game bullshit. By the way, I’m not claiming to be a game expert.

As usual, Cracked’s better than you expect. Three standard nice-guy attempts to knock game (and not be excommunicated from the Cathedral); two points that are actually pro-game.
They Rely on a "System"... meeting someone isn't about memorizing a script.
Half-truth. Conservatives such as Roissy and Sailer are guilty of the sin (according to the Cathedral) of noticing things, such as women tend to have certain traits, so systems work. The partial credit here is something Roissy’s covered. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. You’ve got to dial it up or down depending on the girl and the situation. Roissy has a name for it, calibration. Just a normal social skill most people automatically learn, which PUAs’ students need coaching in. You also need to set your dial realistically for you. If you’ve got a Kia, you don’t try to pass it off as a Lamborghini; maybe as a high-end Hyundai. That also depends on what you want. One-night stand? Lie. (I’m not saying it’s right but that’s what a lot of men want.) Relationship? More honest but not the whole truth; some mystery for romance. Next...
Using Pick-Up Lines
Another partial.
you're not a goddamned salesman
Bull. Of course you are. And a good salesman knows how to dial it up or down depending on the customer.
Now that doesn't mean that you want to burst into the room and say, "Congratulations, you won. Get in the truck."
Know what? Depending on you, the girl, and the setup, that might work. Because:
Remember, for the most part, women put a pretty high value on confidence in a man.
Now what if there were a way to become more confident, say, looking and acting the part until you become it, so that you have a better chance? That’s all game is.
The truth is, there are people who look just like you, who have your same income, who are still having sex. If women only talked to guys with rock-hard bodies and six-figure incomes, they'd go a decade between encounters. If they didn't make compromises on a man's looks, condom companies would go out of business and we'd be in a global shrinking population crisis.
Right. Men are attracted to looks, for biological reasons; women are more interested in other things. See above about confidence. Enter game.

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