Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Real always wins

Today’s title’s from Hilary.
  • Durrr... New study finds women prefer to be housewives than corporate execs... The first thing Feminism had to do was convince everyone that there is no such thing as an inherent feminine and masculine nature. But The Real always wins.
  • The Death Culture is driven by fear. And our culture has become so atomized and individualized, that a lot of people are simply afraid of life on their own when they are no longer able to fend for themselves. The Sixties: do your own thing = every man for himself. Also a flaw of tiresome ‘you’re not the boss of me’ left-libertarianism: selfishness. Right-libertarianism (minarchism, weak libertarianism, Burkean conservatism): there are, naturally and divinely, community and bosses/hierarchy (family, church), just not an unlimited state (a false church).
  • The Sixties and their aftermath are a class war.
  • Homosexuality: that does not go there. The War on Reality and biology. Homosex is not sex.
  • Muscular men tend to favor governmental policies on redistribution that are in their own self-interest. In other words, a truism: muscular men get what they want. Of interest: And, perhaps not coincidentally, programmers are notoriously prone to self-defeating universalist ideologies like libertarianism and open borders. Sound familiar? It’s an old condemnation of Christianity. Ancient Rome and Hinduism for example: ‘Jesus was weak.’ Not at all surprising since secular universalist ideologies such as the reigning political correctness (Roissy calls it the Cathedral; it is a false church) are Christian heresies (Christian values such as love and justice, separated from Catholicism’s Christ, true God and true man, the writer of the natural law) like mainline Protestantism is. A reason I read Sailer is of course I don’t buy the equalist lie that races on average are the same. (Well-meant attempt at justice and/or the liberal elite using nonwhites in a proxy war against conservative prole whites. Drive out the undesirable whites and replace them with a helot class you can pay less and that obeys you, for now anyway, all while looking enlightened/not prejudiced. And you don’t have to live with any consequences when you’re rich enough. That’s for proles. Nobody said SWPLs were dumb.) Where he and his biggest fans and I seem to part ways is I stick to Christian universalism in the sense of individual rights (one soul is of infinite value) and thus color-blind real equal opportunity including the right to immigrate (the Saileristas and I agree that unequal average group outcomes are natural, fair, and none of the state’s business) while the Saileristas and their pals at Takimag seem to want to dump that as wimpy and really be racists.
  • Also from Sailer: in the non-news, an ex-SEAL has emotional problems. How embarrassing, says any normal person. She had a Y-chromosome-ectomy that replaced the Y-chromosomes in all the trillions of cells in her body with another X chromosome, so now she's a woman. Oh, wait, that operation doesn't exist. Sorry, my mistake. Of course the mainstream media in its War on Reality is pushing this. Reminds me of poor Mike Penner, RIP.
  • ‘The church is dwindling’ vs. 1.2 billion Catholics. Worldwide? Here in American Catholicism's home base, the Northeast and industrial Midwest, our white numbers (our ethnic base) have been freefalling for 45 years, just like mainline Protestants. The council sucked. Our American numbers are artificially high because of Mexican ringers whose commitment to the church is iffy. We'll probably never get our '50s peak back but American Catholicism needs 20+ years of a younger Benedict (someone with the stamina to finish what he started), not an old social-justicer the mainstream will tune out as me-too politically correct, to turn the American church around and ensure its survival in a Protestant country now even more hostile to it. That said, Sailer quotes an article repeating one of Diane Kamer’s points: Ethnic Catholic whites are one of the main demographic groups that are high tailing it out of the Midwest the fastest. But Catholics are among the fastest growing demographic groups in the Southeast: states like Florida, Georgia and North Carolina either now have, or will soon have, more Catholics than historically heavily Catholic Ohio and Michigan.
  • Consequentialism, a sin we’re probably all guilty of: the end justifies the means.
  • I’m not mad at Ollie North for what happened about 25 years ago. Even though I’m a Constitution fan. That was Realpolitik, making a deal with someone not a threat to our sovereignty (the ayatollahs of a Hellholistan) in order to fight a real threat to us (global Communism). It’s not like the left really gives a damn about the Constitution (Obama can get away with anything). Daniel Nichols is right, though, about North’s ‘conservative’ fear/warmongering today about Muslims. I fear we really are dumb enough to help al-Qaeda overthrow Syria’s secular government. (There’s no draft and Americans are distracted by entertainment.)
  • Chomsky on libertarianism. The assumption is that by some kind of magic, "concentrated private power will lead to a more free and just society." Which libertarians, I wonder, believe this? Mises argued that in a free market, businesses profit by producing what consumers want; capitalism, he said, is a system of "mass production for the masses." Chomsky prefers anarcho-syndicalism; this "is a conception of a very organized society, but organized from below by direct participation at every level, with as little control and domination as is feasible, maybe none." It does not seem to occur to Chomsky that firms owned by workers must also please consumers, if they want to stay in business; why would employees in such companies face fewer constraints than those who work for the capitalists whom Chomsky excoriates? Perhaps, though, he wants to do away with the market altogether. This version of anarcho-syndicalism would soon collapse into chaos.


  1. I'd be interested in your definition of 'racist' and why you think Sailer is one.

    1. A racist would deny somebody his individual rights because of the group he belongs to: 'I won't let you into the country, take the school entrance exam or apply for the job because you're black, Hispanic, etc.'

    2. That's a loaded definition including, as it does, positive rights which have no meaning outside State enforcement. If you're a Palestinian Arab, should you let Jews into the West Bank? If you're a business that sells black haircare products, should you be forced to employ clueless whites?

      I'm coming to the conclusion that libertarians oppose 'no borders.' What they really want are 'open borders,' because in the case of the former people get to draw their own.

    3. The state's place is to enforce the do-no-harm principle. In theory Jews can settle there; the Israeli government planting people there backed by the Israeli army is another matter. Nobody would be forced to hire the clueless; the business gives the white applicant a test to prove himself.

  2. "concentrated private power will lead to a more free and just society."

    Concentrated government power, on the other hand, will bring us heaven on earth!

    Chomsky, like most Marxists, fails to see the relation between Big Government and Big Business. Does he really think all his insane social engineering schemes could be funded without the Fed's primary dealers network? There's a reason you didn't see the Democrats out on the pickets with OWS.


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