Sunday, June 23, 2013

The show: Season 6 finale predictions

Before the season-six finale airs this Sunday, it seems appropriate to pause and reflect on where eight of the show's key figures have been this season and, perhaps, where things might take them in the season finale.
This season it’s 1968, the year Western society really started to go to hell. (Complete by ’73; I actually remember that. I’m Kevin Harris’ age. It’s segueing into what I remember, ’67 cars and all.) Don’s a sociopath but women can’t get enough of him, a Roissyan lesson. Anyway, if the opening credits are anything to go by, the show’s an elegy for the golden era, its decline parallelled by his decline (the animation of him falling). (This soap opera’s not a putdown of the past; because of Don, it’s porn for modern women.)

Next season:
  • I can imagine in a real case Ted getting a divorce and marrying Peggy; she’d be happy at last.
  • Sally will try to blackmail her dad. She’ll go off to boarding school and full-on rebel, maybe running off to Woodstock (meh; meanwhile, squares like me put a man on the moon).
  • Bob Benson will be at Stonewall.
  • Or maybe he really is an FBI agent tracking down Don for stealing the real Don’s identity, or a corporate spy.
  • Megan becomes even more successful, wises up about Don, and leaves.
  • Either Bert or Roger dies of a health problem.

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