Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bradley Manning, the sexual arms race, wariness of churchmen, wasting money on foreign aid, and clients from hell

  • From Ad Orientem: How I feel about the Bradley Manning case. He and the more sympathetic Edward Snowden (a Ron Paul person) are arguably heroes for exposing government malfeasance. The government should be much smaller and weaker, as opposed to what the establishment right and the left want, but there is still a place for government and all are under authority, just like the natural world and just like the church. (Not hardcore libertarians’ radical selfishness.) So, just like with principled deserters who didn’t want to kill innocent Iraqis again, part of the heroism is taking the punishment. Not so sure yet if that’s so of Snowden. Arguably yes but I don’t want to say it. And he’s not military.
  • From Sunshine Mary: A Red Queen alpha arms race? LAMPS and the Roissyan observation that what’s good for players isn’t good for society (because he bases it on nature, he’s profoundly conservative; Mary bases it on both nature and her conservative Protestantism). Of course it’s a contest: most fertile for women (why youth and looks matter to us) and least likely to be saber-tooth tiger food for men (why chicks dig aggressive jerks). And, reduced to pure fallen nature, both sexes are looking to trade up/get a better offer (female hypergamy, serial monogamy). Two things come to my mind: no identity politics/victimology (what’s wrong with the therapists’ fake ‘men’s movement’ and part of feminism’s problem) and the sexual market works like the free market; pursuing legitimate self-interest (by making yourself more attractive) actually helps others (a rising tide raises all boats). All men learning a smidge of game is better personally for both sexes and societally.
  • From Rod Dreher: On not trusting churchmen. He titled it ‘On not trusting the church’, which grabs readers but is wrong. The idea is right. Non-Catholics often think we think priests are perfect. Catholicism is not clericalist; it’s sacerdotalist as Fr George Rutler says. (We esteem the priesthood but know priests aren’t perfect.) Pre-conciliar Catholicism/traditionalism isn’t necessarily clericalist either; it’s just that a Counter-Reformation-style priestly order is now its main group. Non-clericalism of course is normal in traditional Catholic cultures; Italians certainly don’t worship priests. Anyway, liberals have for five decades tried to usurp the church’s authority in a continuation of clericalism (even when pretending to empower the laity; they’re clericalizing the churchy, not the lay apostolate of the old church). As Archbishop Lefebvre said, a master move of Satan: destroying tradition under the guise of obeying the church. Try to follow Lefebvre’s eternal Rome and be accused of Protestant private judgement, a favorite line of Novus Ordo neocons. (The libs don’t take us seriously.) Knowledge and discernment.
  • From LRC: Ron Paul: cut off ‘foreign aid’.
  • From RR:
  • Clients from Hell. Mostly horror stories from Web designers; I can relate.


  1. The only tradition the Novus neocons seem to hold inviolate is ultramontanism. Watch them spin and twist themselves into pretzels to celebrate every word and act of the new Franciscan papacy that departs from or contradicts the great Benedictine Reform---which only months ago they were cheering on!

  2. Clients from Hell is hilarious. I shared it with my web-designer colleagues. Thanks! :)

  3. Re: Thelen (I refuse to refer to him as "Fr."

    The Church should have booted him out long ago. Another failure of episcopal leadership. The S.J. has been suppressed before, however unfairly. Perhaps this should have happened again sometime after V2 when they started to go wacko. I still don't trust them even though I have "heard" that they are changing.


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