Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finally saw ‘Red Tails’

I’ll always regret not seeing it on the big screen, a must for aerial combat scenes. Pretty much what I expected, only the characters were entirely fictitious (Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character is obviously based on Col. Benjamin O. Davis Jr., a West Pointer and general’s son later the independent Air Force’s first black brigadier general, but isn’t him). Partly a straight-ahead, good old-fashioned war movie right out of the golden era, enhanced with lots of CGI Flying Fortresses, Mustangs, Warhawks, and Messerschmitt 109s and jet 262s. Partly a noble aspect of the old America at its best, ‘The House I Live In’, starting to be fair to blacks, a chance to try, not quota promotions. (Golden-era liberal ≠ counterculture; the hippies did jack for civil rights.) And part politically correct hagiography, understandable from the Christian heresy that is modern Western culture (I think only apostate Christians could have come up with PCness; it’s our values twisted because they’ve been separated from Christ), complete with stock villains as hackneyed as any old war movie’s (nasty Southern whites and nasty Germans). At least they were nice to Italians, surprising from an anti-Catholic culture. (For about five minutes in the Sixties, all non-WASP whites were cool, part of the war on the old America, even though Catholics were part of it; then the mainstream hated us again after Roe v. Wade.)

The detractors (Takimag) have pointed out an untruth in the Narrative’s version of the history. A story in the black press in ’45 claimed the Tuskegee Airmen never lost a bomber they were protecting, which went unchallenged for decades; turns out they lost 25. Still a fine record. They also point out there were no aces; the movie seems to explain this by having the squadron stick to protecting the B-17s rather than ‘going for glory’, which the Luftwaffe had learned to take advantage of.

So like with any war movie, take it with two grains of salt, but the story’s gist is true. Heroes.

Now I want to see Go for Broke! Three cheers for what Steve Sailer calls diversity before ‘diversity’.

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  1. I met one before, got shot down and parachuted into the very aaa nest that shot him down. he said at first the nazis couldnt get over how he was black (many had never seen a black person before) and then how was black and an officer - he said though they treated him very well and respected him as an officer and treated him the exact same as the other white allied pow officers. i think he said though some of the english at the camp were assholes to him

    of course upon wars completion of the war and return to america he got a social demotion from being a pow to being a civilian in the back of the bus in the usa


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