Tuesday, July 23, 2013

George Zimmerman rescues car-crash victims, on Britain’s baby prince, and more on Dennis Farina and ‘Crime Story’

  • Unsurprisingly, Florida’s demonized neighborhood watchman is a decent guy: George Zimmerman helps rescue family from car wreck. Truth 2, Cathedral Narrative (including our narcissist-in-chief) 0.
  • It’s a boy. Royal-watchers are easy targets for the elite. I’m not one but am moderately interested. Jury’s out for me on the American Revolution being justified (we could have ended up as liberal as Canada), loving the mother country is a good, naturally conservative thing (vs. the elite’s cosmopolitanism), and the Windsors are from the golden era and earlier. The trouble is these Ur-WASPs, mainline Protestants (as British law requires), are not really conservative. (Arguably neither is another golden-era institution conservatives love, the U.S. military.) And the monarchy in itself doesn’t matter much. The good things it ostensibly stands for do. After British overspending in WWI and the Depression, the center of power shifted west to Washington; since WWII the UK’s managed to dodge the euro bullet, keeping its independence from Europe (Germany), because it’s an American protectorate. Sexy celebrity couple; I think the royals like and approve these love matches with attractive commoners because it’s good publicity in a democratic age, and it stops the problems (lower IQ, etc.) from inter-royal inbreeding (the Queen and Prince Philip are distant cousins). Given Elizabeth’s and Prince Charles’ ages, there’s a good chance the people will get what they want: William, blessed with his mother’s good looks, will be king in not too long. More interesting: in theory the monarch has nearly absolute power; s/he doesn’t but, under Britain’s unwritten constitution, the government does because it acts in the monarch’s name. Not good. By the way I was next to Charles and Camilla once; if they’d turned to their left I would have met them.
  • RIP Dennis Farina:
    • Ed Driscoll: CBS Chicago is reporting that the veteran actor “died Monday morning in a Scottsdale, Ariz., hospital after suffering a blood clot in his lung. He was 69.” They’re playing up his two years as Jerry Orbach’s initial replacement on Law & Order, particularly since, as CBS notes, Farina “was the only actor on ‘Law & Order’ who actually served in law enforcement, serving as a Chicago police officer for 18 years,” before becoming an actor at age 37. But the show to look for is Crime Story, which Michael Mann produced as his follow-up to Miami Vice (where Farina appeared in three episodes as a Godfather-esque Mafioso), and is available for rental on Netflix. Crime Story began to fizzle near the end of its first season, but the first 18 or so episodes, set in Chicago, before the series relocated in Las Vegas, were great fun to watch. Set in the Mies van der Rohe-era Chicago of the early, pre-Miranda JFK ’60s, it was sort of Mad Men meets Goodfellas, (years before each of those titles) with plenty of smoking, skinny ties, and fedoras, and features a highly watchable blend of Vice-like cinematography, which was still unique for television in the mid-’80s, and the great duel of wits (and occasionally guns, fists, etc.) between Farina’s tough Chicago PD lieutenant and Tony Denison as Ray Luca, the show’s lead gangster. (Denison is now a co-star on TNT’s Major Crimes series.)
    • Working with him on the show.


  1. Re: Sexy celebrity couple

    When I think of a sexy celebrity, I think of the Hollywood female bimbo-type; great shape and shallow personality. When I look at Dutchess Kate, I see a truly beautiful woman--great looking!--who seems as nice a personal as she is physically beautiful. That's the difference!

    Re: Dennis Farina

    Ditto! I also liked Jerry Orback very much. R.I.P. too

    I never could figure out why Crime Story fizzled out as a series so quickly. I wonder what its competition was?

  2. I can't blame the Queen for the "same sex marriage" act. If she refused to give it her assent, Parliament would simply have gone Cromwell on the vestige of royal power she has and pushed the law through anyway. At least in theory the powers remain, perhaps taken up again in some future crisis or catastrophe, with the people united behind their sovereign.

    I would wager my savings account that privately Her Majesty considers the idea of "same-sex marriage" to be a stinking, silly pile of nonsense.

    1. Since the Queen no longer exercises sovereign power, she is perforce no longer sovereign. At this point, any exercise of sovereign power would amount to a coup, and the British monarchy is hopelessly outgunned so far as I know.

      Britain is a secular democracy. Most of its citizens are atheist or Muslim and organic expressions of nationhood have been outlawed. There is no actual British nation for a monarch to rule.

  3. Anonymous5:09 pm

    I had not heard of Farina's death. Only 69 years old. He gave a tour de force performance in "The Last Rites of Joe May." It was an oscar worthy performance.


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