Friday, July 26, 2013

‘It’s called pushback. Deal with it.’

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  1. I’m not one of his haters but he seems like Mr. Lifestyle Accessorization

    Make up you mind. If you're "not one of his haters," then why the condescending insult ("Mr Lifestyle Accessorization")?

    I'm not a Dreher fanboy, but I am sick and tired of people criticizing him for Church-hopping when they themselves have just as many Church hops on their resume as Dreher has (as have I, of course: ECUSA to Orthodox to LCMS, where he has UMC to RC to Orthodox). Even worse is the inevitable speculation about where he's off to next ("My guess is either he’ll come back ...or wig out like Franky Schaeffer"). Has it ever occurred to you that Rod Dreher's religious affiliation might be none of your f***ing business?

    While you're at it, lay off telling us who the "Real Orthodox" are. You're not Orthodox anymore; you don't have any standing to have an opinion on that question.


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