Sunday, July 28, 2013

Japan, Russia’s anniversary, convertitis, libertarian populism, and Bruce Springsteen

  • From LRC:
    • Eric Margolis: end the war with Japan. The choices seem to be: hope the US will block China’s expansion; or abandon the US-imposed strictures from the post-war period, develop a real foreign policy, and create credible military forces — including nuclear arms. Japan-bashing has never made sense for the U.S. In the war, they weren’t a threat to our sovereignty.
    • The productive class.
  • Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev): the secularist West is totalitarian. Russia, as the Anti-Gnostic has pointed out, is authoritarian, not the same thing.
  • This weekend Russia and the Ukraine are celebrating 1,025 years of being Christian, by definition historically, traditional apostolic Christians (Orthodox), originally Catholic. Поздравляю. Congratulations.
  • To John at Ad Orientem on convertitis. Thanks. Mutual. Respectfully, of course I don’t think I have it. To me, convertitis is claiming everything in your new church is perfect and that your old church is all evil. For example, claiming that Greek Catholicism ‘as is’ is perfect and the Orthodox must become just like it in order to be good Catholics. That isn’t me. More important, folk traditionalism beats novusordoism, hands down. You know my line: I’m where I am because it doesn’t tell me to hate the Orthodox tradition. No, the issue is the sin of schism and the mentality it breeds. Part of what you’re seeing from me is there are things I have hated about the Orthodox Church for over 15 years (anti-Westernism), and now I don’t have to keep quiet anymore to cover for my old pro-Catholic priest, now retired. (My trip through Orthodoxy.) As I blogged recently, I respect Teena Blackburn. Someone with convertitis wouldn’t. I don’t have it regarding the Anglicans either.
  • That said, Modestinus hits another one out of the park, and a word from Dale.
  • The hyperdox herman is annoying but has integrity; he’s pushing a fundamentalist version of his church’s teachings, not his own. The OicwR is just narcissistic.
  • From Daniel Larison: libertarian populism. As far as I’m concerned, the national Republican Party’s a lost cause, even though the right culture-wars people seem to hate it. You snubbed Ron Paul. It’s over.
  • The English critic who really, really hates Bruce Springsteen. I don’t but see the problems and think this is a great example of English wit.

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