Monday, July 01, 2013

Living with the past: weekend car shows with Mass in between

The Merchantville, NJ Sock Hop and Car Show, one of the area’s best.

In golden-era America and earlier, the Scotch-Irish South didn’t like Irish Catholic Northerners but they had a few things in common: Christianity, bagpipes, and the United States military. Thanks, vets. And RIP.

Meeting movie stars, sort of:

The ’49 Merc is loved around the world because of Rebel Without a Cause; one of the finer of the first true postwar cars that model year with the unibody design, arguably the first ’50s cars.

Best in show and of the weekend, in my opinion: Evil 58. I’ve seen several Furys but she’s my first Christine clone.

Thought she was a Belvedere, a lookalike that came in red and white; Furys only came in cream and gold. Was told she’s a Fury. Maybe somebody restored one (like the movie!); I’d hate to think somebody changed an original in good shape. Of course you couldn’t have had a horror novel about a car named the Belvedere.

Sign of the times: a mainline church has closed. Sad. Though I sometimes rag on the mainline, as Newman wrote of the Anglicanism of his country and time, in America’s golden era it was moral uplift that was at least Christian. Ecumenical: I hate to see any house of God come to this end. And the architecture is medieval English Catholic.

Saturday-evening Mass on a car-centered weekend: Dominus fortitudo plebis suæ. This little church is my South Jersey mainstay. One of the best sounds in the world is an American priest unpretentiously reading aloud the Latin, just like 50 years ago. This is the assistant priest; run-of-the-mill Novus ones are learning our Mass. The sermon was about the latest government outrage, trying to force Catholics and other conservatives to believe two men or two women can marry.

The Hammonton Red, White, and Blueberry Festival. I didn’t know until yesterday that Hammonton is New Jersey’s blueberry capital.

Hello, old friend. Eye on the prize. Of course I want a stock one. Because these cars are time machines to live with the past.


  1. Love the 50's, at-the-hop, cherry be-decked dress. Very cute.

    Cars are awesome too.

    (think about getting married and having a kid or 2)...

  2. Ty very much on the complement , and the car show was awesome biggest around like John said every yr they have. And as for u last thing u said we are working on that to happen one soon I hope!


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