Sunday, July 21, 2013

‘Losing Christ and finding Jesus’ at a ‘Catholic’ college

Protestantism metastasized and apostatized into the Cathedral. As Bill Tighe wrote, sad to see. But predictable. Hasn’t the Christ of faith, a make-believe character to project yourself on (Jesus of Narcissists), vs. the Christ of history (born of a man and woman, dead, and buried just like everybody else, or they project onto him too), been a stock character of mainliners and Modernists for at least 100 years, if not as far back as the ‘Enlightenment’ (Jefferson’s gelded, bowdlerized Bible, moral uplift minus the silly supernatural stuff)? The fellow Rod Dreher mentioned, whom liberal Jesuits at Santa Clara University encouraged to delve into Islam rather than Christianity. (The Cathedral fetishizing the Other, taking charity’s name in vain as it always does: anything but the boring old America. Worshipping a culture rather than God. But hey, ‘imagine there’s no heaven’.) Great comment quoting C.S. Lewis. (Quintessential believing traditional Anglican, more Catholic than his legions of evangelical fans but anti-papal.)

The council and its bogus ‘renewal’ mean ‘the system’s broke’. I went to Villanova. Better to get a good practical degree at an honestly secular school, or study the humanities at some little preppy college with no religious pretensions (trouble is a lot of those little WASPy schools, like I guess Swarthmore, are more anti-Catholic than ever), and find a conservative parish to go to and read the great books on your own (hooray for the Internet, an autodidact’s treasure) than to go to a so-called Catholic school. (Bishop Sheen said the same, and that was back in the golden era!) The ex-prez of Ohio State had a point, and I won’t play victim. Notre Dame is probably more about de facto pro sports than anything else. Though I hear you can get a good education there, and they’re so big they’re a microcosm of the church, unlike Villanova or St Joe’s here, so you really get the benefit of Pope Benedict’s reforms there, and there’s even a Tridentine Mass, because some students want it. But politics at Catholic schools? My guess is, holy welfare state, Batman: the old immigrant-labor-Democratic connection turned into a parish of the Cathedral. I think at Villanova the College Dems were school-sponsored and the College Republicans not. (The state religion at ¡No Va! 25 years ago: the Cathedral, but low-church exactly as Thomas Day described, and anti-abortion, their last marker of Catholic identity along with voting D. The secular culture: jocks, frats, and yups-in-training. The only alternative house religion was a charismatic Protestantish cult that was shut down when enough of the jocks, frats, and yups-in-training complained.) Not that the neocon Republicans are necessarily any great shakes. Just as socially liberal as the Dems (homosexual pseudo-marriage, and immigration for cheap labor and as part of the elite whites’ war on prole whites, with residual appeal to Ellis Island white ethnics) and/or, as Caelum et Terra reported on Steubenville, pro-war, pro-torture pols getting honored. Since the council, the Catholic label’s been diluted. Caveat emptor.

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