Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ordinariate news, and truths about the sexes

  • From Damian Thompson: Pope Francis steps up the ordinariates. Didn’t see that coming either. He’s expanding their reach by allowing born Catholics not yet confirmed to officially join. Part of Pope Benedict’s plan to restore the rest of the church, more than an ecumenical rescue, which would be small. Then you get Catholics like me and the best from St Clement’s who for whatever reason are not in the ordinariates: happy being Tridentine, or in others’ cases Benedict Novus, not married ex-Anglican priests looking to be Catholic priests, and while appreciating the old Prayer Book in our old liturgical mixes (our unofficial missals), not needing it every Sunday. On rare Novus Sundays (early Low Mass: just get it over with) I say the old Prayer Book creed from memory. Close enough and Catholics aren’t attached to English texts because they have no tradition of using them. Still want to take a road trip to Mount Calvary, Baltimore to see the ordinariates as they should be.
  • In other news I read that St Barnabas ex-Episcopal Church, ex-Continuers, Omaha, came into the church literally yesterday. The picture is of one of their High Masses.
  • From Sunshine Mary: Vox Day’s schema for male social roles. Slightly different Greek-letter names for the ranks from Roissy’s. One of his points, seemingly missing here, is while a woman’s looks are very important to us (everything else is commentary), men’s power and status mean more to women. (Unlike TV much of the time, a dumbed-down medium by nature visual, the handsome aren’t necessarily sexual alphas.)
  • Reality and the sexes: a TV commercial. Stock sitcom characters, because stereotypes are often true. (The Cathedral to conservatives: stop Noticing Things™!) Conscious or not acknowledgement of Roissyan truths or sending them up?
  • Two hobbies I learned about from doing research for my job. One’s a sport; each very specific to a sex. Elaborate forms of play. Both very easy to make fun of. (Arguably symptoms of problems in real-world society; the sexes are going for substitutes for real things.) I’m not. They’re fascinating; I’ll say that, like with other sports and hobbies, they’re both great, emotional helps not hindrances, up to a point.
    • Airsoft. Would-be military ground combat, cooler than paintball. Marksmanship, outdoor exercise, and camaraderie, if you can’t go hunting? Great! (Down side: war porn. Bet real combat vets don’t do it. Two uncles were in the Pacific; they wouldn’t have.) I’d try it.
    • Reborning. Doll collecting taken up a notch.
  • From Takimag: there’s a pill for that. How the powers that be want to drug you, literally, and historically have.
  • From Joshua: ‘Mad Men’: the paterfamilias makes a comeback.
  • Nobody asked me, but... George Zimmerman deserves to walk.


  1. "He’s expanding their reach by allowing born Catholics not yet confirmed to officially join."


    I am more than a little confused about this. These former Anglicans/Episcopalians are Roman Catholics, not "Anglican" Roman Catholics. There is no separate Ordinariate Church sui generis. The Ordinariates as I perceive it are like a non-territorial archdiocese.

    So what is there to join canonically for a layman? As a RC layman I can receive the sacraments from any validly ordained priest/bishop in union with the Pope of Rome and under extraordinary circumstances (e.g., in extremis re: danger of death) from any validly ordained priest--schismatic or non schismatic (Orthodox, SSPX, sede vacantists with valid orders, laicized Catholic priests).

    If I wanted to register formally with a Catholic parish under the American Ordinariate, I can do so and attend Sunday mass at that parish (registered or non-registered).

    This is not the same situation as being canonically Eastern Catholic in the Byzantine Catholic Church of America, a Church sui generis in union with Rome.

    1. Right, it's like a non-territorial archdiocese, like the one for the military. Another analogy: it's like national parishes (English national parishes?), or halfway between national parishes and a non-territorial archdiocese. (The monsignor ordinaries are like canonical bishops but are not sacramentally bishops.) Same particular church, same rite, but rules on paper on who officially belongs. Unofficially, just like jumping from the Roman Rite to a Greek Catholic church for refuge from the Novus Ordo, any Catholic layman can come in. (The canon law only becomes an issue with marriage and ordination.) Officially, regular Catholics can't register at ordinariate parishes unless they're in an ex-Anglican family or were never confirmed. I guess if you're not Italian but in an Italian family you can join the Italian parish, etc. Officially, the husband/father's rite determines the family's rite; maybe that applies to national parishes and this too. Unofficially, like with Greek Catholic parishes, I wouldn't be surprised if some ringers are on the rolls. Fine with me.

    2. Unfortunately, Steenson & Co. are trying to act like they are a new church sui juris and there are all manner of non-sensical impediments to remaining in an Ordinariate parish for those of us who, though cradle Romans, spent time in them as Anglican Use.

      If I have to put up with that much nonsense, whether I'm in an FSSP parish or an Ordinariate parish, I'll just take my chances with the Byzantine Catholics. At least there I understand the reason for the canonical impediments.

      Besides, my kids are doing much better with Divine Liturgy than they ever did with even the best of Anglo-Catholic High Church Masses.

    3. 1. Maybe Msgr. Steenson, being a nice guy, is too eager to please the still at least semi-liberal American bishops, who've never really liked high church (per Thomas Day).

      2. A man's gotta do. Two things put me off going Greek Catholic. Maybe not fair, but it reminds me of Orthodox anti-Westernism. And the Greek Catholics are semi-Novusized, the same malaise as most of the rest of the church. But it's a great rite. So if things go south again in the Roman Rite, if Pope Francis and the liberation theologians/social-justicers undo Pope Benedict's reforms and make the rite low-church again, it's an option for me.

      3. I wonder why that is. Your mileage may vary?

    4. I've commented on some of that stuff here, FWIW:

    5. 3. The parish is very vibrant and the kids are welcome to be kids. All the other Catholic places we've been, NO, AU/Ord, and FSSP, have been very uptight. Being pro-life means more than being anti-abortion and welcoming the children in your midst should be part of that. Alas, it's not in many places.

      But they also find the liturgy engaging. There's a healthy balance of active and contemplative in the Divine Liturgy that I don't see in the Roman Rite. The prejudice at EF places is for the silent, Low Mass, which they find utterly unengaging and I can't stand, either. Give me a sung Mozart Mass any day over 25 minutes of mumbled Latin. The NO, and the AU that's been NO-ized (formerly Rite 2) is too frenetic. Calling it the Nervous Disorder is about right, in my experience.

      I'm sure there is more but, for whatever reason, they're thriving in a way they weren't before. Deo gratias.

      2. We happen to have found a fantastic Ruthenian parish local to us. I have a suspicion it is very unusual, even for Ruthie places, so I'm very thankful that Providence has been so good to us. I have no illusions that the church under Metropolitan William Skurla will be run any better than a Latin Rite diocese. But we've found a good place for the time being, Deo gratias.

      1. Msgr. Steenson, based on my conversations with him, is just as much a liberal as the worst of the American squishops. I'll leave it at that.

    6. Re: Msgr. Steenson---->>well he was "brought into the Church" by Apb. Michael Sheehan (of Santa Fe) who is/was a protege of the late liberal Cardinal Bernardin. I live in Apb. Sheehan's canonical territory. He's a liberal no doubt, but in my perception he is Orthodox in the faith.

      Yes, sui juris not sui generis. I usually proof read my text better if only because I seem to enter into a state of altered consciousness when I type on the PC. Give me paper to read even any day even though typing on the screen is so much more efficient! LOL

  2. I hope (but not not expect, of course) that the defamation suit that Mr. Zimmerman filed against NBC in December pays handsomely. I've seen a lot of shameful media manipulation in my lifetime, but this was possibly the worst and most flagrant example. If there's an acquittal, and riots ensue at the hands of disappointed hotheads who were told this was an open-and-shut case, all the big media outlets, but NBC especially, will bear the guilt. It'd be a little justice for once if they had to suffer financially this time. It might even encourage a little restraint in the newsrooms next time around.

    Yeah, I know. Fat chance.

    1. I read the other day on line that Alan Dershowitz has criticized the Zimmerman prosecution and says that Zimmerman should be acquitted. If found guilty of "something" [I hear that now manslaughter is on the table], I predict that Dershowitz will run the appeal and maybe even win.

  3. If you want to know more about airsoft, there are plenty of Catholic teenagers who play (boys and girls). A lot are more conservative Catholics, and quite a few go to Our Lady of Lourdes; the servers at the 10am Mass play I believe.


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