Monday, July 22, 2013

RIP Dennis Farina

The world was a better place when Mike Torello patrolled the streets.

The actor’s story. He was a real cop.

Requiem æternam dona ei.


  1. [Highly approximate quote] "Hey you. If you hurt anyone else I am gonna kill something you love. Your mother. Your father. Your dog . . . ."

    I just love this line the way Mike Torello delivered it . . . and the look on his face! I would not want to face Farina's character in a dark alley. LOL

    1. You are so right that was a good line that he said. Naturally no one would wanna see him in dark alley they get there butt kick to hell and back. Plus crime story was one of the best show it had good story lines and good actors and the TV plots each week were so good. I just wished it stayed on longer then it did in the 80's. Me and john have the dvd set of the show, if u don't have it I suggest u go on amazon or someone and buy it.I like when torello used to say to a back guy watch it puke ur gonna be mine!


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