Sunday, July 21, 2013

RIP Helen Thomas

A feisty lady journalist from the golden era, a lot like the one who really started my adult life, launching my long, now ended, career in newspapers. (I’ve moved up to Web copywriting, more lucrative and it has a future; newspapers are going the way of the dodo and the telegram.) Full of the era’s idealism, however misguided. (Progress! Yes, but. There was a lot of it. The Sixties stopped it. Inevitably?) The lady I knew was a friend of the Mercury astronauts; Miss Thomas like most of the country loved President Kennedy.

No wonder Israel competes in the Eurovision pop contest. They’re foreign, European invaders in the Middle East, at the expense of not only the Muslim majority but Catholics, including the estranged Catholics who are the Orthodox and other ancient Eastern churches. (Miss Thomas was ethnic Lebanese, more of a Semite than American Jews. By the way, she was Orthodox. Eternal memory.) Armed with and thanks to WWII guilt, they’ve done unto the Palestinians what the Nazis did unto them. Go back to Germany and Poland indeed.


  1. "Miss Thomas like most of the country loved President Kennedy.'

    Even after finding out what a lying corn dog he was re: his philandering?

    1. Maybe. Even feisty Arab Orthodox chicks are attracted to jerks.


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