Wednesday, July 03, 2013

RIP the old America

  • Pat Buchanan: why the Reagan Democrats departed. Protectionism is against libertarian doctrine but I hear you. A rising tide is supposed to raise all boats, and there is a good kind of internationalism and universal brotherhood (part of Catholicism) that free trade fosters (promoting peace too), but ‘do your own thing’ = every man for himself, and the establishment right is just like the international left in its contempt for white familial and local loyalties (the Tutsis vs. the Hutus again).
  • Roissy: back to Europe? This is the stuff of wild fantasy, but if the bottom falls out from under America it’s not at all inconceivable that millions of internally dispossessed Americans will cast an eye to a long-lost brother across the sea, in hopes of beginning anew what was so recklessly and stupidly squandered here.
  • Sunshine Mary: mankind is tribal by nature. Tribal like Ukrainian Catholic and Greek Orthodox parishes in America. Please, no fake ‘men’s movement’ run by therapists. I think she’d agree the problem with that is it buys into the same errors as feminism: identity politics and victimology. Something natural like the Sportsmen’s Club bars in the basements of the Uke or Russian Orthodox churches in upstate PA where the WWII and Korea vets used to hang out.
  • Traditional Christianity, the ‘Enlightenment’, the old America, and the SSPX. Besides the basics of the faith and the old Mass, the SSPX and I have little in common, a reason why I can live in the official church as reformed by Pope Benedict.


  1. I have arrived at the conclusion that you either pay the folks lower down the scale more for your lettuce, your oil change, your home repair, your garbage pickup, etc., or you pay for welfare. And welfare is socially and economically toxic.

  2. I think you inadvertently reveal the primary problem with libertarianism in your comments on Buchanan's article: "libertarian doctrine." Religions have doctrine, and ideologies are all substitutes for religion (as Russell Kirk noted). Libertarianism is a pseudo-religion, the religion of the self masquerading as a political theory.

    What libertarians and big government-big business Republicans call "Protectionism" (used as a scare word just like neo-cons use the word "Isolationism") is nothing more than a system (envisaged by the Constitution through its grant of tariff power to the federal government and the creation of an internal free-trade zone between the States and territories of the United States) designed to ensure American self-sufficiency in industry and commerce. The "golden age" of the American worker was due in large part to the existence of "protectionist" policies. American power was based in large part on it as well.

    1. I was half-joking about 'libertarian doctrine' but yes.

  3. So, when are you going to dump the libertarian angle and just be a conservative?


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