Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Fourth

Lansdowne and Clifton Heights, Pa.

A tale of Christian heresies: from Protestantism to the ‘Enlightenment’ (America’s founding) to ‘No Place for Hate’. Lansdowne is a little over 100 years old. I’ve been told that in the golden era it was like the Main Line to the north, WASP ‘reactionary’ Republican, for Alf Landon, Thomas Dewey, and Barry Goldwater. Great. Now of course in that class they’ve been replaced by political correctness, what in the ’80s were called yuppies. Banning hate? (Thoughtcrime!) That’s nice. Ask a 100-year-old how Prohibition worked out.

Delaware County used to have an Irish Catholic Republican tradition too.

Who’s a good boy? There are pets and there’s protection.

Meanwhile Storefront Cat just wants to sleep.

’59 Galaxie: Torello’s cop car.

  • Mark in Spokane writes: So, when are you going to dump the libertarian angle and just be a conservative? Still a minarchist/right-libertarian/weak libertarian, somewhere between the Burkeans/Kirkians and the hardcore libertarians (who join the lefties in sneering at this holiday: the left loves abstractions such as humanity and diversity but hates family loyalty and patriotism; I guess the Randians love only themselves as individuals). Pretty much said my piece here. I hate most of what the government does, and have a critical revisionist view of its past (we shouldn’t have helped the Soviets win WWII) but God bless America. ‘Conservative’ is a perfectly good moniker but I’m no European reactionary.
  • This year’s thought for the Fourth: questioning the ‘Enlightenment’ contract theory of the government. Government only with the consent of the governed? Well-meant but, with fallen human nature to consider, how’s that different from mob rule? What about objective truth all must answer to? Who enforces that? Who watches the watchers? The natural order is hierarchical, which is why the church is. (Past related topics: questioning the American Revolution, or would British America have ended up Burkean or just like the mother country and Canada now? And most of our wars weren’t just. Also, the church and America.)
  • Writers Guild: ‘Mad Men’ one of the best TV shows ever. That’s nice. I haven’t consciously followed pop culture since 1998 so I haven’t seen many of the others, not even ‘The Sopranos’ (since it’s not a period piece). What makes the show great is it’s NOT a putdown of the past nor saccharinely nostalgic. Politically incorrect porn for women, which is part of a bigger longing in the culture. As for the few others I know about in their top 10, liberal wanks (‘The West Wing’, ‘M*A*S*H’, ‘All in the Family’). ‘M*A*S*H’: yeah, war’s bad, but this was ‘popular kid does whatever he wants’ and ‘let’s pick on people not exactly like us’; way to stick it to Middle America. Interestingly the real Hawkeye who wrote the book wasn’t a ‘sensitive’ lefty (he was a man from the golden era) and didn’t like the show. ‘All in the Family’ preached but it sort of backfired as Middle America took the main foil character to heart; the heroes come off as dated and naïve now.
  • The media gatekeepers. Even with the Web, almost all media comes from the same six sources. That’s consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983.
  • Forecast for Anglicanism. Black African conservative Protestant.


  1. OMG ! Is that the Beelz in the first photo? Sporting a soul patch?
    Maybe your doppelganger, or ev
    il twin...

    1. Hey, Earl of Tubbington Hall! You larcenous Kraut! ROFLMAO :-)

  2. You know, once you finally do realize that you're a paleo-con and not a libertarian, there will be a warm spot by the fire and an open book of Burke waiting for you!

  3. This was a good parade u put up on here. The car pic I like a lot. And the doggie pics are cute too! Well U saw the parade I went too it was fun as well. I would love to show ur pals here what my parade look like but it doesn't let me post or add my link to my video on here. But u can tell them what u saw!


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