Sunday, July 28, 2013

The homosexual problem among Ruthenian Catholic priests in America

This news on ex-Fr Glenn Davidowich reminds me that the problem goes way back, even to the ’50s; I’ve run across it a couple of times. I understand that in the ’60s Bishop Elko tried to crack down on it, a reason some priests got him fired, and Rome shut down SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary for four years because of this problem, but, run by the old crew, it came back. I’m not saying have a witch hunt, dragnetting sound priests who happen to have that temptation (some paleos say the notion of ‘orientation’ was unknown to the ancients; they saw it only in terms of behavior). Preach dissent, commit a crime, and/or cause scandal and you should be fired/laicized. A theory: it was a backfire from banning, in America, their longstanding custom of ordaining the married, dating back to being Orthodox and before the schism. The boys from the old priestly families became dentists and lawyers instead, and the priesthood became a socially favored cover for boys, from tough blue-collar towns (just like you think, Greek Catholicism isn’t a gay church by a long shot), who didn’t like girls. Married priests aren’t a cure for the vocations slump; the Orthodox are hurting there too (and the cheerfully corrupt little Orthodox denominations have their share of the gay-clergy problem). (All of the churches are shrinking as America becomes more anti-religious; the Cathedral’s a cancerous form of the once dominant mainline.) I don’t hate clerical celibacy (in the culture war including in the church, the right people hate it, and priests by and large have a great record) but it’s not a hill I’m willing to die on. Idiots among our own churchmen used it as an excuse to cause schisms in this country (Alexis Toth, to the Russians, a little over 100 years ago, and the 1930s ones to the Ukrainian Orthodox and the founding of ACROD under the Greeks), and then there’s this. No wonder Rod Dreher wouldn’t trust these men around his sons. Дякую, guys. Thanks. You’ve helped turn American Catholicism, Cardinal Spellman’s old Powerhouse, into a laughingstock in this country. (The Cathedral’s Narrative: Gay is Good. Lonely gay priests act on it, which the church says is a sin, but it’s the church’s fault because the church is Bad.) Господи, помилуй. Lord, have mercy. P.S. Novus neocons: so how’s that ‘renewal’ been working out again?

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