Monday, July 01, 2013

The underbelly of disbelief

As government and popular culture continue to dismantle organized religion’s influence on American life, a new breed of emboldened atheists is emerging, one that ironically seems every bit as militant, evangelical, hostile, and ideologically rigid as the religionists whose hatred they hate so fervently. As the movement gains power and rises in the social pecking order, it becomes more dogmatic and more eager to forbid and punish words and actions that obstruct its path. Rather than representing a passive lack of belief, this virulent sub-sect of modern atheism in many ways represents an aggressive belief system, an increasingly intolerant secular religion. It is becoming difficult to distinguish the True Believers from the True Disbelievers.
Contrary to government myth, the Pilgrims weren’t the first or main story of colonial America but a big factor. No wonder the Cathedral is Calvinism gone bad. Now it’s molted its mainline skin. I mentioned under another post that France, as a Catholic country, is a land of extremes; no namby-pamby Cathedral or ‘spiritual but not religious’: it’s either the out-and-out atheist majority or the SSPX minority. I wonder if Tutsi elite America, the Cathedral, will turn into Europe, taking the rest of the country with it like it wants, or if America’s naturally too religious (the evangelical Hutu South plus, in the North, what’s left of the Catholic Church, which is both getting much smaller and returning to being much more conservative) for that ever to happen.

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  1. There are plenty of people who are spiritual but not religious. By some accounts, New Age beliefs are more popular than the Catholic religion in France and Europe in general.
    Also, Catholicism in France is not limited to the SSPX. Although Catholicism is waning, there are many new Catholic organisations such as the House Church, Neocatechemunical Way, Chemin Neuf..


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