Thursday, August 08, 2013

Adiós and good riddance, liberal newspapers

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  • From TAC: Who’s middle-class?
  • Orthodox churchmen’s positive reactions to Pope Francis. Gives me the same sinking feeling as reading Ware’s The Orthodox Church. Underneath the excellent liturgy, far superior to the Novus Ordo, and valid orders, there’s nearly nothing there, like liberal Protestantism. Credal orthodoxy but no coherent moral theology. The Orthodox view of divorce and remarriage has never made sense to me: ‘sometimes adultery is OK’. That said, the original reason for it makes sense: so the wronged party wouldn’t starve to death. And it’s never been a bone of contention between the sides. The Melkites kept it for 200 years after going under Rome. Still, outward traditionalists supporting liberalish low-church Francis should be cause for pause. Once modernity hits those pre-modern ethnic cultures, they’re toast. Witness ethnic Orthodox attrition in America, a longtime, pervasive problem. Sure, our churchmen did a number on us with the council, but we have a foundation on which to rebuild (the magisterium plus the living memory of Cardinal Spellman’s Powerhouse and Going My Way?); small-time, we are. (Trads have kids. We have a future.) Anyway, Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev)’s culture-war ally approach is of course good. But dialogue has gone as far as it can. It’s all or nothing. The church can’t renege on defined doctrine. Why should it? It has upheld the essentials of the faith. The Orthodox can either come fully into the church, which should leave their fine rite alone (moral support for us trads), or we should say goodnight.
  • Dreher: True recent story of mysterious, holy priest. That he sees grace here suggests to me he’ll eventually be back in the church.
  • Sailer Notices Things™: Fashion’s gay mafia tend to be — in their aesthetic tastes, feelings of superiority, and cruelty — pretty much Nazis. Gay fashion designers barely even pay lip service to the dogmas of equality, so they never thought the rules of diversity applied to them. And for the last several years, they’ve been hearing constantly about what huge victims they are, so that's just made them even more self-centered and self-indulgent. Also, two theories about transsexualism (a mental illness) in men: either extremely effeminate gays who are frozen out, since gay men of course are attracted to masculinity, or straight but very narcissistic men whose turn-on is a feminized version of themselves.
  • Take a walk. Walk like a man. Mental and spiritual health. President Truman and I may have little in common but we have the same coping tactic for frustration. Can’t stand the heat? Someone else is the problem? Can’t fix the problem? As the Chairman of the Board sang, that’s life. I don’t smoke nor really drink (of course not on the job). I know the literal paths of my ‘corporate campus’ well. During the allowed breaks, I go for at least one 15-minute walk every day. After dark. Cold out? Better still. Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer quotation’s true too.


  1. John...sigh....I wish you wouldn't keep calling Pope Francis "liberalish" -- he is staunchly pro-life and anti-gay-marriage, both of which stances make him anathema to liberals. ;) As for "low church": I always thought "low church" referred to "Morning Prayer"congregations in Anglicanism. But Pope Francis lives the Eucharist (and Eucharistic Adoration), and he has promised to uphold SP. This does not exactly endear him to true low-churchers. :D

    I think he's getting a bum rap in the rad-trad press, frankly. I like the guy. He's lower-case evangelical in the best (authentic) sense. you say, he's boind by the Tradition and Church Teaching, so not to worry.

    BTW: Going My Way? Sure, it makes me nostalgic whenever I watch it -- it's one of my favorite movies -- but Father O'Malley was a flaming liberal, doncha think? (Even more so in The Bells of Saint Mary's. My educator hubby always sides with Sister Ingrid Bergman in that one, LOL.)

  2. Oops, sorry for all the typos. That's what I get for posting at work. Should be "loves the Eucharist" and "bound by the Tradition."

  3. Pope Francis is liberalish. Being against homosexual marriage and pro-life is common to all Catholics, i.e. one cannot be Catholic not have those positions.

    As for who's middle class. The article improperly defines it accord to income. The new rich have lots of money but the cultural outlook of the lower class.

    A better method of determining difference by material standard would be which books are sitting on the shelves within the home.


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