Thursday, August 15, 2013

Assumpta est Maria in caelum

Signum magnum apparuit in caelo. I’m not extremely Marian. Ephesus said it all: Jesus is true God and true man, so we can and should call Mary by that wonderfully shocking title, Mother of God. The shock of the Incarnation; it doesn’t mean she’s greater than God (logically impossible) like non-Catholics think we believe. Everything else the church teaches about her is commentary on et Verbum caro factum est. That, with the resulting veneration of the flesh God-made-man came from, and the teaching about the literal resurrection of the body for all at the end of time, bring us the Assumption story. I understand that the original version is from the East and much more flowery than the doctrine: it says the apostles were whisked from wherever they were to Mary’s deathbed. Pius XII said ‘just the facts’ when he defined as doctrine what the church already believed for centuries. Where she is now, we one day hope to be, in our glorified bodies, with God. Ora pro nobis. By the way, the quote from Revelation that starts today’s Mass has long been taken by biblical commentators to refer to ... our holy mother, the church.

I only see the Novus Ordo a few times a year: flea-market Sundays and holy days of obligation. Thanks to Pope Benedict the Great, I have no conscience problems with English Novus. But next year I’ll try for the dawn Mass, the lowest of the lot; no attempt at music; just get it over with.

Because I only go to this Mass on some important days, they do the creed when I’m there. I say it from the old Prayer Book and Anglican missals from memory, genuflecting. And was incarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary: and was made man.

Jesus saves; Mary prays.

Blessed be her glorious Assumption.

Tomorrow: St Rocco.

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  1. Open yourself to the fullness of the glory of the Virgin Mary. Don't be like the lukewarm cynic, accept the fullness of Mary in your life. No one goes to Jesus without Mary's intercession. Accept the Virgin Mary entirely without reserve. The cynic and sceptic sit upon their stools spilling doubt. Please, give up the cynicism and accept the entirety of the Virgin Mary in your life. A fervent devotion to Mary is the best defense against heresy and doubt. Give up the doubt and become extremely Marian.



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