Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bradley Manning’s jail sentence, some Norwegian Catholics, and Pope Benedict’s mystical experience

  • From Ad Orientem: Manning gets 35 years. John C. speaks for me: With time served, good behavior and parole he could be out in ten years. This seems fair to me. Regular readers know my line: if he’s a hero, part of that is taking the due punishment in order for the military to do its proper job. He must honor the oath he swore when he enlisted. With Takimag’s Kathy Shaidle I tend to agree this troubled boy had no business being in the Army, but no matter. Caught, right or wrong? Man up.
  • From Andrew Cusack: The Norwegian church’s convert intelligentsia. Sounds good but I thought the Norwegian Catholic Church were liberal sellouts to their hostile society, turning down the small group of conservative ex-Lutherans under Roald Flemestad who are now the Nordic Catholic Church, ironically under a liberal-founded but culturally semi-conservative American schism, the Polish National Catholic Church.
  • From RR: Pope Benedict says ‘mystical experience’ told him to resign. I still wish he stayed.

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