Sunday, August 11, 2013

Deus, in adjutorium meum intende

  • Today’s Mass. We shared Fr Check with his main Sunday job at St Clement’s Jr., Holy Trinity. It’s Not About Latin™ watch: I wonder if the archdiocese emphasizing the Mass’s Latinity is simply a nod to the common way of speaking or meant to scare people away.
  • Father mentioned before his sermon that the priest shortage means many have to say three or four Masses per Sunday. The ideal is the Orthodox rule: one. They are allowed two, three on Christmas, but may do more if needed. Reminds me of a corny joke my old priest told: if it’s two, he binates; three, he trinates; so if four, is he fournicating?
  • Sermon by Fr Bob Hart. The parable of the good Samaritan, a fictional character meant as an example. People outside the fold can do God’s will better than us; keeps us humble. The Samaritans are still around, barely; descended from the Jews who stayed behind when the rest were exiled to Babylon, they practice what’s considered an illegitimate form of Judaism that compromised with the local pagan faith.
  • The greatest saint who never was.
  • Modestinus on Schmemann. My guess is he’s like the council: fine if read in a hermeneutic of continuity; very dangerous otherwise. Basically sound, as befits an estranged traditional Catholicism: Schmemann wanted nothing to do with embracing the Zeitgeist over the Holy Spirit. It seems to me American Orthodoxy mostly comes in two versions, the Greek majority and other non-Slavic groups who have ethnic customs not analyzed or much understood, with an overlay of basic Christianity (love of God and neighbor) not much different from the old mainline before it wigged out in the Sixties, and the Slavic (Ruthenian) American ‘Catholicky’ (Greek Catholic two or three generations ago) version, much of the OCA and of course most of ACROD. Maybe the real Russians of the MP and ROCOR fall under the first category, only, while not Catholicky, 19th-century Russian culture (which ROCOR preserves) is, as Fr C says, a halfway house between Byzantium and the West.
  • As Jonathan Munn wrote, the Sacred Synecdoche of God’s love for man: Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us.
  • Summit dark-blue hat. After Mass today. Catholicism’s about loving God and neighbor, but we’ve got great hats too.
  • A paleo view of the Zimmerman/Martin case. The answer: patriarchy?
  • Jordan has become the hapless dumping ground of excess humanity throughout the Arab world.


  1. Re: The Trayvon Martin thing

    Yes, Zimmerman apparently didn't break the law, but all the philosophizing about Martin, young blacks who are going nowhere and thinking the White man is out to hold Blacks down, Stand Your Ground, the race baiters, etc., is just so much nonsense.

    Trayvon Martin is dead because George Zimmerman followed him when he was told not to do so. The most charitable explanation (I am not inclined to this moderate view) is that Zimmerman committed a colossal error in judgement by following Martin.

    Zimmerman was packing heat and licensed to do so. Morally, IMHO, this requires more than ordinary use of prudential judgement on the part of the armed volunteer. You can bet that Zimmerman was not trained in the tactical use of a firearm. He was a volunteer "nothing," not a cop, and not a paid, firearm trained security guard. He had no business following anyone; his responsibility, if he had any, is to call someone which he did, but he went further when he should have stopped.

    George Zimmerman is morally culpable for the death of Trayvon Martin. It's too bad that disobeying a 911 Operator is not a violation of the law.

    1. Or to put it much more succinctly: Martin is dead because Zimmerman picked a fight with him.

  2. Gorgeous church. :)

  3. Looks like Mr. Dreher doesn't like our Mass. I must say I was surprised by this.

    1. You're surprised? Dreher is a professional anti-Catholic. He defines himself vs. us via what Modestinus calls "incessant negation." Don't get me started. LOL.

  4. Like every good choral singer, I see the title of this post and start hearing Monteverdi.

  5. Love that pic u added of ur and ur church suit and hat. U look so daper in the fedora look.Im so glad I got u hooked on the hats. And yeas ur church pic is nice too I like that church better then ur old one u used to go to!


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