Tuesday, August 06, 2013


  • We committed a war crime. Regular readers know that’s my position. Obviously I love the era and the greatest generation. Two uncles were in the Pacific (one flew a B-26 over Alaska). But I don’t hate the Japanese. It wasn’t our fight. To be on an equal footing economically with us, they wanted a local empire the same way the U.S. naturally dominates the Western Hemisphere, Germany Western Europe, and (fine when they’re not Communist) Russia Eastern Europe. They weren’t a threat to our sovereignty. Only an excuse Roosevelt used, setting up Pearl Harbor and blaming Admiral Kimmel (Manila’s bases were bombed too but the then-connected General MacArthur got away with it), to sucker America into the war, because British and, far worse, worse than the Nazis, Soviet agents in our government were egging him on. We were saps. We helped the USSR win.
  • That said, I don’t make excuses for them either. Above: why many of the greatest generation hate the Japanese. RIP this POW and so many other of our soldiers and sailors who were trying to do right.
  • Not incidentally, this moment in history was brought to you by ... progressives. Not conservatives with their old-fashioned notions of honor. Admiral Leahy, Truman’s own chief of staff: The use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. ... My own feeling was that in being the first to use it, we had adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages. I was not taught to make wars in that fashion, and wars cannot be won by destroying women and children. (Source.) The government’s wants trump truth. Just like Henry VIII.
  • Classic: Fr Feeney and the bombing of Nagasaki. We could not find it in our hearts to rejoice over the wholesale slaughter of innocent people.
  • Also today: The Transfiguration of Our Lord. Deus, qui fidei sacramenta, in Unigeniti tui gloriosa Transfiguratione, patrum testimonio roborasti, et adoptionem filiorum perfectam, voce delapsa in nube lucida, mirabiliter praesignasti: concede propitius; ut ipsius Regis gloriae nos coheredes efficias, et ejusdem gloriae tribuas esse consortes. Per eumdem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.


  1. I love that song (I'll Be Seeing You) and the style in which it was sung. Sentimentally expressed back then without any of the sappiness one finds in so much sentimentality.

  2. Re: Japanese treatment of Allied POWs in WWII

    The cruelty of the Japanese has been attributed to the Code of Bushido. I'm not so sure that this explains the cruel treatment adequately. I had read that during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, the Japanese treated their Russian Officer POWs with great humanity. The Code of Bushido has a long history, long before 1905. Clearly something changed between 1905 and 1932/1933 . . . 1942 . . . 1945. I don't recall the explanation for this change, i.e., if any has been forthcoming. 30 years ago or so I read John Toland's, "The Rising Sun" [a Pulitzer Prize winner IIRC] which discussed the history of Japan and the rise of Japanese militarism in the 20th Century through WWII.

  3. Go read about the war crimes commited by the alies against German civilians. Even after the war.

    1. I know about the ones the Russians did against the Germans.


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