Friday, August 09, 2013

Is democracy’s sun setting?

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  1. Democracy in its modern form- the form mandated with an almost religious fervor as perfect for the entire world for the rest of history- is barely more than 150 years old, even in the countries that have had it longest. Most of the world's democracies date back no earlier than 1945. By "Democracy", I mean a one-man, one-vote unitary state.

    These are important qualifications- while proponents of modern democracy like to cite older precedents, nearly all "democratic" countries prior to about 1830 were oligarchic, with extensive property qualifications and other inegalitarian restrictions (these were enough to condemn Rhodesia as "undemocratic" in the '70s), and frequently were heavily decentralized and federated in a very inegalitarian way, like the early United States (this didn't finally die completely in the US until 1964, with SCOTUS' disastrous ruling in Reynolds v. Sims). A pure unitary democracy can probably never work well with a population of more than 10,000 or so. Is it any wonder that most of the men who wrote the Constitution hated and feared anything that might be called "Democracy"?


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