Monday, August 19, 2013

Riverside, NJ Car Show


  1. Nice!
    Saw a 71 sky blue El Dorado convertible in Jersey yesterday, 42k original miles. The asking price was way outside of my range, but what a beaut. Will send pic if you want one.

  2. This was another good car show this yr few same cars as past few different ones too. We're lots of bel airs and saw a falcon and a fairlane, lots of corvettes. Most of the cars there were the classic oldies ones but that's what we like. We even saw big pom dog so sweet and friendly as u can see from pic john posted. This yrs show was kinda weird we had a strange kid follow us both around the show that part wasn't fun not for me anyway, vendor tables were all kinds of stuff which is neat too. Its always nice too see john give u guys something different too see and read.

  3. In view of your interest in cars of a certain vintage, you may find this recent post on my blog of some interest, even if not, perhaps, quite to your taste Beige cars for the over-70s?.


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