Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Russia as the great nyet athwart the West, Egypt proves Pope Benedict right, and how to start a business

  • Russia vs. homosexualism. Russia rejects ‘the new society’ because it’s been there before. They don’t need the police to stop a gay parade — just 25,000 women carrying icons. Russia’s both big (plus it has nukes) and unique, part of the West but standing apart. From Bill Tighe.
  • In Cairo the lecture of Regensburg is relevant again. Never has a pope been so clear and courageous in unveiling the roots of violence in Islam, before Benedict XVI. And not afterward, either. As I understand it, at Regensburg he recalled the Catholic understanding of reason as conforming yourself to objective reality including the natural law. The revelation we got from the Jews plus the logic of Aristotle gave us the greatest theologian, St Thomas Aquinas. Versus the irrational mythologizing of Islam and the subjectivism, etc. of the decayed West, which now pretends two men can marry for example. Society’s gone to hell. The only question is, 20-50 years from now, will the smaller, more traditionalist American church get support or opposition from the Third World majority Catholics? (The American liberals still dominate but, like the American charismatics, are fading away.) Another sign the new world order hates the church (going back to the Masons and the ‘Reformation’): we’re supporting al-Qaeda (‘bad guys’ of 9/11?) vs. one of the Mideast’s only relatively Christian-friendly countries, Syria. From Bill Tighe.
  • James Altucher on how to start a business. From LRC.

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