Friday, August 30, 2013

The church in the new world order

From Rod Dreher:
  • The place of the church in the new world order. Phil Lawler: Faith is not a matter of adding something on to reality; it is a matter of plunging deeper into reality, of aligning oneself with the truth about the human condition. Reality is already enchanted, if you will. As Catholics, as apostolic witnesses, we are not trying to convince our neighbors to recognize something different from everyday reality; we are trying to help them recognize what is true, good, and beautiful in the reality that we all perceive. Echoing the classic view of reason as conforming yourself to objective reality, not trying to create another reality.
  • How to live and to thrive as a cohesive religious minority in an alien culture. What, at best, I think the by-then semi-traditionalist, much smaller American church will be in a few decades.

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  1. The modern day pagans will still demand of the shrinking Church--the traditionalists--sooner or later to throw a pinch of incense into the fire in worship of Caesar, the failure of which will lead to being metaphorically thrown to the lions.

    Shrinking Christianity will leave the field open for the conversion/conquest of the modern pagans by Islam.


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