Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The dark side of the special relationship and other stories

  • From RR:
    • CIA ’fesses up to ’53 meddling in Iran. Why the devout Shiite Muslim revolutionaries hated us 35 years ago. Isolationist without apology here. Like George Washington (his farewell address). Trade with them but stay out of it.
    • Justin Raimondo: UK press censorship. What’s frightening is that, ever since the baton of Anglo world supremacy was passed from London to Washington, shortly after World War II, our own history has limned their degeneration. Alongside Communist infiltration of our government (Joe McCarthy was right), through which the USSR won the war (which our war movies don’t say), the great, shadowy new-world-order story of the 20th century, planned as far back as the late 1800s. (British agents pushed us into the war too.) For its first 130 years or so, America understandably feared Britain, the superpower that could take its old colonies back if it wanted. Maybe in a sneaky way it eventually did. (The Rhodes Group/CFR, etc.) Our foreign policy didn’t line up with theirs at all until WWI, itself immoral and none of our business. Sidebar: if no American Revolution, Burkean ideal or an America as liberal as the mother country and Canada now?
    • That reminds me. We tried to steal what’s now Canada twice and were beaten, fairly: the true story of the War of 1812, which we’re taught as ‘American Revolution II: We Kicked Ass’ (where the national anthem comes from). An American monarchist blog claims that the maligned good King George III (true) kept his word to Quebec letting them remain Catholic while the American rebels wanted to protestantize them (the Yankees were the SWPLs’ great-great-etc.-grandparents), which is why the Quebeckers sided with the king. (Anglicanism wasn’t the state religion in most of the colonies; the British courts actually sided with colonial American Congregationalists or Baptists vs. the Anglicans.) True?
    • Delete the Fed.
    • Thomas DiLorenzo: Imperialism and anti-imperialism. This standard narrative, in which the United States is the perennial instrument of liberty, is a lie.
  • Robert Mugabe’s only about power, and so is our government now. (No link.) The terrorists who plotted to kill the old America’s soldiers 40 years ago are now respected ‘elder statesmen’ friendly with the president. The enemy has won our country. (Was Ron Paul our last chance?)
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury vs. payday-loan companies. Credit unions are a way immigrant Catholic groups in America helped their own. There have been parish ones.
  • From LRC: JFK assassination probably a coup.
  • From the Anti-Gnostic: The powers that be in the Middle East and Europe are doing exactly what they were doing just before World War One, and later before World War Two: running roughshod all over the place doing stupid things. I’ve been using the term hilarious because that’s what it would be if not for all the firepower involved.
  • UncleBob’s Treehouse.
  • Roissy’s three social skills for men: don’t get defensive, know when to drop the subject, and don’t ask questions when you can make statements.

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