Thursday, August 01, 2013

The divine office, anarcho-capitalism, failed idealism, and Pope Francis

  • The divine office as a sacrifice of praise.
  • From LRC: Hoppe on anarcho-capitalism.
  • A Catholic crackup and Pope Francis’ controversial press conference. Daniel Nichols and I are very different. Catholic essentials and opposing things like the Iraq war are among the few things we have in common. High-church, too, in that he’s become Greek Catholic, painting icons, but other than that seems sympathetic to American Catholic low churchmanship. A third-wayer who thinks libertarians are selfish. The first part of his story, of a failed lay community, sounds like the charismatics, whom I guess are the other Catholics who still go to Mass, besides us trads. Of course the anti-Catholic media don’t report that Francis can’t change the teachings of the church and in this press conference didn’t say anything new, even if it was injudicious; at face value it is entirely true. What Nichols doesn’t mention is what struck me: sounds like business as usual about gay priests. ‘What molestation scandal? Nothing to see here. Move along.’ Regrettably, the nice stuff about the Orthodox liturgy is only ecumenical politeness; cliché. The man is low-church. Catholics don’t have to like him.

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  1. Ad Orientem posted great info re: the luggage schlepping Pope. Gracias!

    BTW, I don't think this is what Sr. Faustina meant by Divine Mercy.

    I posted a prolix comment on your FB status.

    We are in for some interesting times. Missing Pope Benedetto yet? LOL


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