Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A tenacious sports heroine and more

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  1. Then first car show u posted from this past Saturday was pretty good. There were few cars we didn't see and most of the other we did. My fave was the car that was for sale the peachy/white car the Pontiac, yea of course it was out of our price range but it was a nice car for $25,000. And we had great weather for this car event @ the fountain of life center. Not sure what the red car I was standing front of was but I did look good next to it and the car was a beauty Unlike the diner on Monday the cars were great but it poured so bad within 10mins of being there. All the car people there had to run and hurry up and close there trunks and hoods. But were getting in as car events before the summer really finished.


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