Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An American ’63 Brigadoon

Wildwood, NJ’s fall boardwalk car show and auction.

’60 Chevy envy.

Best of all is the town when the motel neon’s on and the cars are out and about.

Ex-POW, captured by the Germans.

This used to Big Ernie’s. Renamed the Pink Cadillac and cutesified but still real.

This ’59 Impala’s second or third owner bought it in ’63. A later owner was killed in Vietnam. 20 years later the second or third owner bought it back from the soldier’s family and restored it.

Home at the shore.

Where to go for dinner.


  1. I'd settle for a cherry red '32 Ford Deuce Coupe convertible.

  2. That was the best weekend we ever had, saw so many wonderful cars along the boardwalk from all ends. The weather was gorgeous and there was lots of people there too. There were so many awesome cars my faves were the thunderbirds and the bel airs, They also had one of all time faves the Buick grand national. We saw quite a few gangster style cars from back in the day which I love a lot wouldn't mind driving one. And yes the impalas was ur fave cars, as u guy can tell here I don't like the car here that he like so much. Another good part about our trip is site seeing the town and seeing everything it has to offer, good places to eat to get good food. We even got to see alive car auction and see them guy rambling off the car prices so fast.


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