Thursday, September 12, 2013

‘Confidential’, cocooning, and more


  1. I love Groucho Marx's legendary response to Confidential Magazine, when they printed some nasty rumors about him:

    "If you continue to publish slanderous pieces about me, I shall feel compelled to cancel my subscription."

  2. I have to chime in on the perpetual Millennial laziness charge. It always comes off as cranky old people thinking I'm entitled that I'd rather not work for $8/hour while I have staggering debt from school and visiting the hospital when I didn't have insurance. I've done a lot of jobs, many of them quite crappy, but I'm able bodied and just happy to do the work. Boomer bosses see me working 55-60 hours a week and still make snide remarks about me "being lazy" and "entitled." I once told a Gen X boss that wanting people to work for free (in the form of internships) and never complain is the ultimate form of entitlement. We didn't get along after that.

    My generation is lazy and entitled, but so is every generation that grew up in America the last 60 years. I mean, have you seen job postings? Entry level positions now demand five years of experience and a willingness to work overtime for what would have been considered a barista's wage back in the day. Who are working these jobs? Oh yeah, Gen Yers who can't get work anywhere else. Sorry for the sarcastic tone, and I do manage people in my generation so I know the frustrations, but it does get old for people to keep complaining about the kids these days.

    1. Well, my Gen Y son works a lot harder in college than I did. But that may partly be because he has a Tiger Mom. ;)

  3. Not terribly surprised to read that about Thatcher. The payback in the British system for being a good orator is high, much more so than in the USA.


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