Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From 9/11 to the run-up to war in Syria

We haven’t learned anything. The narrative remains: all our wars are ‘humanitarian interventions’ to save somebody; crusades by secularized Yankee missionaries. (So the president gets to keep his affirmative-action Nobel.) The powers that be are claiming Assad has poison gas, just like the Republicans said about Saddam Hussein. Nothing to do with us in both cases. Somebody think of the chiiiildren! Of course Syria’s Christians are invisible. Neither the Evil Party in power (never mind much of it used to be Catholic: labor) nor the Stupid Party (Rockefeller liberals duping evangelicals and practicing Catholics) loves the church, and arguably there is no Catholic vote to try to please anymore (Vatican II, the gift that keeps on giving; more empty parish buildings around here for cyber charter schools). Anyway, al-Qaeda were angry about our meddling in the Mideast, so mostly Saudi hijackers flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon; we continued what Bush the Elder did and invaded a secular Arab country nothing to do with the attack. Now... we’re supporting al-Qaeda trying to overthrow another secular Arab country?! Orwellian.

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  1. I'd also note the MSM's absolute whoredom on the issue--pure yellow journalism. Thank God US bombing has been thwarted for now.


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