Sunday, September 29, 2013

St Michael and more

  • Mass: Benedicite Dominum, omnes angeli ejus. The BCP has a translation of the collect: O everlasting God, who hast ordained and constituted the services of Angels and men in a wonderful order; Mercifully grant, that as thy holy Angels alway do thee service in heaven, so by thy appointment they may succour and defend us on earth; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
  • Our Lady of Ransom. Sept. 24, a big feast for the order that runs my parish.
  • Pope Francis: I think I get his point about God’s love vs. religiosity, but... The church simply is; neither the Pope nor a vote can change our teaching. Pope Francis can only maintain it. Maybe based on that confidence and his own devotion to God’s love he feels he can speak this way, but Modestinus puts it well. More.
  • Swimmers question Diana Nyad’s Cuba-to-Florida claim. It will probably be like Peary and the North Pole: we’ll never know. But since she already holds the world record for long-distance swimming, why would she lie? I’m interested in her story because 30 years ago I read an article she wrote after her first attempt.
  • Why does this man have a nose on his forehead?
  • The show: ‘Mad Men’ will end in 2015. Why not just say it has two more seasons?
  • What e’er thou art, act well thy part.
  •’s week in review.
  • From Alpha Game:
    • Remembering how women used to argue that if men would have only stopped oppressing them, they would have totally written great books and advanced science and cured cancer and in general improved the world in every possible way. After all, if Man has achieved so much by utilizing only 50 percent of the population, imagine if 100 percent of the population was able to achieve its full potential! It turns out that freed from male expectations and left to their own devices, what women actually do is write terrible bondage porn, methodically ruin organizations whose purposes are of insufficient interest to them, and obsess about how to style their pubic hair. It turns out that the full potential of women was already being utilized in what some would consider the rather important role of securing the survival of society and species. If I had a time machine, I would love to go back and read articles like these to the original suffragettes.
    • Discernment and the sexes: It is entirely predictable that any time an organization reduces the number of protective individuals and replaces them with nurturing individuals, the ability of the organization to discern between useful and productive members and useless and destructive ones is compromised. A church in which women are influential will tend to be more universalist and welcoming, and can expect its Christian message, with its insistence on narrow, hard paths and discrimination between sheep and goats, to be watered down and eventually rejected.
  • From Bob Wallace:
    • Ultimately men are protectors/providers and women are nurturers (to be more precise, I think they are receptive/reactive). Not all, of course, but most. Whether women believe it or not, all of them are under the "authority" of men. They are completely dependent on men, because either they can marry men or they can marry the State, which itself is "patriarchal." If men withdrew all that they have created from women, women would, as Camille Paglia noted, be reduced to living in grass huts. When men, for whatever reason, allow women to stop being under their authority, then we end up with feminism, which is leftist, which itself what I call the Bad Feminine: destructive, seductive, not nurturing at all.
    • I don't read very much hard-boiled detective fiction, but I have read enough to know that the genre is a type of horror fiction, and like all horror, is based on goodness and order being attacked by evil and chaos.
  • From Sunshine Mary:
    • What is shamed at the societal level has almost always been those attributes and behaviors which decrease the survivorship of offspring. Homosexuality has been stigmatized in most cultures for most of history to varying degrees for the obvious reason that homosexual behaviors do not produce babies. The stigmatization of female sexual promiscuity, typified by single mother- and slut- shaming, is also fairly common in most (but not all) cultures, not because it doesn’t produce babies, but because up until very recently, such behavior compromised the survivorship of babies because slutty women could not command the necessary male resources. Letting yourself be pumped and dumped, or frivorcing your man, meant not enough food to keep your babies alive.
    • It makes no sense to elevate women into high level management and leadership positions and invest in their training and development if women are just going to fall apart under the stress of it. And why should companies change what they expect of their upper level leaders just because women can’t handle the pressures? Why should companies and the government promote women and then make sure they don’t have to work too hard once they are promoted? That is completely nonsensical. I think Walter Block said the same. There is no conspiracy against women. Most of them decide they don’t like the rat race and would rather raise children. You know, be women.
  • Roissy explains the sexual revolution.
  • From Steve Sailer: Prohibition, twin sister of women’s suffrage.
  • 500 classic cars auctioned off in Nebraska this weekend. From an old dealer; some with only 1 mile on the odometer. The catch: they’ve been been neglected for 50 years, including being kept outdoors. A classic-car dealer told me once it’s rusted, you’re done.
  • ’50 Chevy. In Burlington, NJ.

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  1. RE: Pope Francis and all that

    Frankly, I don't know what to think. I am uncomfortable with his statements, but I am not going to criticize him for them. Regarding the "world," it is doing to the Church and to Christians, i.e., those actually trying with varying degrees of success but under Grace to live the Faith, almost exactly what pagan Rome did, but perhaps without the sporadic, deadly persecutions that went on [excepting extreme Islamic and Hindu depredations on Christians, for example] in the early Church. The World still wants Christians to throw a pinch of incense into the fire before the image of Caesar and worship him. Pope Francis may envision the Church as a field hospital for the sick and wounded, but what happens when that enemy lobs mortar rounds on that field hospital? What is Pope Francis going to say and do about this?


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