Sunday, October 06, 2013

Cars and more: Burlington, NJ

’50 Buick.

’53 Hudson Hornet.

’57 Plymouth Belvedere, a near-Christine.


Donna and Zero, a bomb-sniffing K-9.

Afterwards, mangiamo.


  1. This was a good car show we saw this past weekend. They had lots of good cars and makes. We even saw lots of cool does, there was few like even like me a lot and let me pet them and hug em. My few fave cars at that event were Plymouth and th Hudson hornet and some of the corvettes and there was one real fly cool car there it a 1999 car it was white but all decked out in pink colors and it had a lot of girly things in the car and in the trunk..And after the event back to my house for home cooked Italian dinner linguine and shrimp and flounder fish with a lemon butter sauce.


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