Friday, October 04, 2013

Obamacare theft, no confidence in Pope Francis, and more

  • How much private health insurance is going up. I got the bad news from my insurance this week. I bought my own policy when I was still a temp at the new job; affordable and a bit of independence. While I’m thankful for the job, the company doesn’t own me; if the SHTF there I’m not at the ‘mercy’ of COBRA. Because Obama wants to look charitable by stealing my money and giving it to others, my premium is set to nearly quadruple after my year of putting it off. He obviously wants to take my liberty, first making me depend on the company and ultimately on the state.
  • Of course the shutdown’s fake. I don’t hate the government per se. I like seeing the cops’ Crown Vics and Chargers guarding the entries to my town at 1am. That, paving the roads, etc. (I was going to say delivering the mail but that’s going the way of the telegraph.) The slowdown has potential to motivate people to permanently downsize the state, when they see how well they do without it, but it probably won’t. Thanks, GOP, for protesting the Obamacare outrage, even though you aren’t much better. The mainstream media are laughable, trying to get us teary about national parks closing.
  • Dyspeptic Mutterings on Pope Francis’s infamous interview. More from MCJ here, here, and here, and Ad Orientem. He’s another Paul VI, the old liberals’ last hurrah. All the wrong people like him. Hunker down, and in a pinch there are the Greek Catholics and the SSPX.
  • Bill Tighe recently passed around a 1990s New Oxford Review article on why the libcaths didn’t just leave. Because they were old enough to have grown up in the golden era before the council, so like the legions of lax and lapsed, Bad Catholics, they still believed the church is the true one, even though they hated what it teaches and does. The people who grew up after the council don’t have that instilled in them so they just leave. So you get a smaller, sounder church (Francis is a bump in the road).
  • From Bob Wallace:
    • The dark triad vs. the cardinal virtues. Roissy describes fallen human nature as is and agrees the current state of things is bad for society.
    • The theme of the Machine State vs. the Natural State got started during the Industrial Revolution, specifically in England. Horrible things were done to people, all in the name of money and power. For one, there were the Enclosure Acts in England, which people were forced off their land by the State (i.e. the military) so they would have to work in the factories (which William Blake referred to as "Dark Satanic Mills"). Then there were the Clearances in Scotland, in which people were burned off their land. All of this was done by the State (and the police and the military) so people would have to spend their lives being Cogs in the Machine. Because of those things (and others) I years ago decided the Purpose of the State is to Turn You Into a Machine. Ties into the Obamacare outrage.
    • Did a corrupt AMA suppress a cure for cancer?
  • From Dusk in Autumn:
  • From Takimag:

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  1. This shutdown nonsense every couple of years is like watching two over-muscled teenagers at a public high school bad-mouth each other for months on end over some stupid grudge, each saying over and over again "I'm gonna kick the s*** out of that punk-ass b**** when I see him next!". It's dramatic at first, but after a while you realize they're both cowards and they have no intention of ever actually exchanging blows. They're both just trying to maintain an image for the gullible and stupid who look up to them.

    I've been watching the Shutdown Show for too many years now, and they've never written a new plot. Some people are new to the program, others have short memories, but everyone else just changes the channel now.


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