Saturday, October 05, 2013

Overkill in DC, Modernism at Notre Dame, and who’s tough

  • LRC on Miriam Carey here, here, and here. National-security theatre, or they want to scare us to keep us in line.
  • E. Michael Jones on Notre Dame’s sellout and why the Sixties blew away American Catholicism. Hesburgh arrived on the scene when the WASP ruling class elite, led by John D. Rockefeller, 3rd, was looking for a way to undermine the Catholic Church’s position on birth control, as a way to destroy Catholic demographic and political power, and when the CIA’s C.D. Jackson was working with Time’s Henry Luce and the Jesuit John Courtney Murray to find a solution to what Paul Blanshard called “the Catholic problem.” In the end, the solution ... was disarmingly simple. It was the birth control pill. When the history of the Catholic Church in America finally gets written, it will show that all of the fierce Catholic resistance to American culture during the 1930s—from Cardinal Dougherty’s boycott of Warner Brothers theaters in Philadelphia under the aegis of the Legion of Decency to Msgr. Ryan’s defeat of Margaret Sanger before the American Congress to Father Coughlin’s attacks on usury and his defense of the working man—all collapsed over night when Hesburgh took Rockefeller money and gave Catholics permission to use birth control pills. The church is still here and it will be sound, but because of all this it will be much smaller.
  • You may be strong but are you tough? Training, like Christian asceticism (St Paul alluded to running a race).

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