Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Geator and me: Columbus Day in South Philly and more

Grand marshal Bobby Rydell waving and laughing after Jerry Blavat saw me and said, ‘The Blues Brothers’. Right after I took this, Blavat said to me, ‘Hey, Jake! Send my respects to Elwood.’ He said something about the hat two years ago too.

By the way, the hat’s a Borsalino.

Fiat voluntas tua: A South Broad Street popemobile.

Miss Philadelphia 2013.

Frank Rizzo. In the Sixties’ aftermath, the right people liked him. The right people hated him. Good cultural conservative but in over his head as Philadelphia’s mayor so he tried to get the federal government to pay for things. RIP.

Moorestown, NJ: the ’59 Caddy has the biggest tail fins.

Barrington, NJ.

Mass: In voluntate tua, Domine, universa sunt posita. Afterwards the priest said a prayer at the Lady altar for the anniversary of the last apparition at Fátima, the one where the sun hurtled toward the earth. The prayer recalled the Pope consecrating the world to Mary’s prayers. Traditionalists devoted to this apparition say the consecration has to be of Russia; they blame the Second Vatican Council and its aftermath, and society’s problems now, on this not being done. Private revelation isn’t strictly speaking part of the faith so I forgot about this anniversary until after Mass. I interpret ‘the conversion of Russia’ as mainly ‘the fall of Communism’. (Unsurprisingly, my dream: Russia becomes Orthodox again under Putin and his successors, the church for all intents dumps the council, and the Orthodox, estranged traditional Catholics, come back.) Anyway, Jesus saves; Mary prays.

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  1. Very nice my dear the parade there looks interesting! I'm glad u had a fun day. I had a fun day at my thing too!


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