Friday, November 08, 2013



  1. Among my Christian peer group at least, we are really circling the wagons. There is much more guidance than previous. Far less "dating" and more chaperoned group events and "courtship." We're not Victorian English and never will be so it doesn't look like that, but things are definitely different and will be from now on. The world is too dangerous and strange at this point; so dangerous and strange in fact that our kids actually listen to us.

    The elite and near-elite will do what they've always done: assortative mating and at least serial monogamy. If you're rich one of the best ways to stay rich is marry into another elite family and don't divorce.

    Outside the religious and upper tier groups, it will be a sexual free-for-all. And then the antibiotics will not be able to keep up and the current billions of dollars in subsidies for single moms and unattached, peri-menopausal women will just not be there. Thus, I agree with Sunshine Mary. These women will have to enter some form of polygynous arrangement in cultural groups that are amenable to that sort of thing, or they will join religious orders or practice some form of communal living.

  2. I can't believe polygamy will ever take root. It's for the non-white Third World - the poverty-stricken Third World. It's anti-Christian, anti-Western, and anti-white, and if it ever did take root we'd dissolved into poverty and chaos. Most women end up spinsters with cats because they rather do that than end up a sixth wife.


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