Sunday, November 03, 2013


  • Went to the second earliest Novus Ordo Mass at my parish for All Saints’. Not too bad. We’ve all known somebody holy but not a church celebrity and thus unlikely to be canonized. An unsung hero. All Saints’ is the closest the church comes to canonizing them. A few years ago I went to a funeral at which I really was asking the departed to pray for me. That kind of thing. Privately you may venerate anyone.
  • Catafalque from All Souls’ Day; on that note, Fr Franklin Joiner on purgatory.
  • It’s autumn in Pennsylvania.
  • Somerville Center Antiques. A new favorite, and while you’re in Somerville, don’t miss Incogneeto. Got four ties there.
  • Derb on faking sincerity.
  • Modestinus on Orthodox criticism of Catholic liturgy.
  • RIP Bishop John-David Schofield. From what I can tell, a fine person. I don’t know why, for all his Catholic beliefs, he remained outside the church, instead opting for a slightly less liberal Protestant denomination. My guess is it was because American Anglican high churchmen believe in what they think is Anglicanism, objecting to the papacy, as it has evolved, as a dangerous innovation. (As opposed to Episcopalianism?) Anyway, I’m grateful that Anglican churchmen somewhat like him kept something like pre-conciliar Catholic belief and practice around for me to learn, back when the official church wanted nothing to do with it. (American conservative Anglo-Catholicism tends to be pre-conciliar; British went Novus Ordo many years before it became Catholic.)

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