Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The great college swindle, Silicon Valley and the end of the American Dream, and Modestinus reads Pope Francis’ latest


  1. Andrea Dworkin would be an example of an intelligent, aggressive woman who uses feminism to browbeat sinecures out of institutions from which her repulsive appearance and toxic personality would otherwise disqualify her. And yes, to put it indelicately, a lot of feminism is just c***-blocking by older, unattractive women.

    Speaking of, hugely and strikingly disproportionate number of Jewish females are feminist. Judaism really started going off the rails in the 19th century. No idea what happened with that.

  2. Re: Credential Inflation

    HVAC technician is looking better and better and . . . ? Oh, but the wag would say, "What about the importance of a good education?" My reply, turn off the TV and read a book!


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