Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mandela, Pope Francis, the Progressive Principle, and more

  • The truth about Mandela. In the midst of the secular world’s worship, some rebuttals well known to conservatives. He was put away for violence, for terrorism; he was a Communist and lied about it; South Africa is worse off. And he was virulently pro-abortion (which of course raises his appeal to secularists). Necessary disclaimer: opposing him doesn’t necessarily mean supporting what he was fighting against. Steve Sailer’s non-platitudinous take.
  • Darn that Pope! Most churchmen don’t understand the market. And he doesn’t like trads. Hunker down.
    • Takimag’s Kathy Shaidle.
    • Another Paul VI. He can’t actually change the church but he can do a lot of damage to its standing by taking it out of the culture war.
    • The wrong people like him. It all really means he’s their hope for neutralizing the church in the world, unlike that alleged confrontational meanie with delusions of grandeur, Benedict the Great. A friend recently told me the head of NARAL praised Francis.
  • From Rod Dreher: Kids in the collapse of Catholic culture. Again, the American church shot itself in the foot with the council.
  • From Sunshine Mary: The Progressive Principle is a means by which a small group of elites team up with the loser dregs of society to exploit the traditional middle class for personal gain. The elites win, the loser dregs win a pyrrhic victory and are made worse off, the traditional middle class gets robbed of culture, values, money and happiness... Margaret Thatcher said the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money. I’ll go a few steps further, Mrs. Prime Minister: The trouble with progressivism is eventually you run out of other people’s civilization to plunder. More.
  • From Roissy: Getting to the id of it. Compare and contrast: Women, would you rather date Paul Walker (pre-dead, of course) or a waiter that looked exactly like Paul Walker? Men, would you rather date Scarlett Johansson, or a waitress that looked exactly like Scarlett Johansson? Also, a helpful taxonomy of equalists, and a word of warning about Chinese society.
  • From Bob Wallace: Legalize hemp!
  • Christmas in Centralia, Pa. The few residents still decorate the town including with a Nativity scene.


  1. Worse than the pope are the underlings who do his dirty work. Cardinal Jadot chose the American hierarchy for Paul VI. Look at the tyrant Francis put in place to destroy one of the few orders not dying out.

  2. The Chinese line is Uber-retarded, ignoring the tumultuous Chinese history (how can a nation of genetic lemmings have so many civil wars and revolts?), as well as sub-civilizations within the Confucian sphere more conformist than the Chinese, yet less agricultural (Korea anyone?) (c'mon Joshua back me up on this!); We can table for now the north/south agricultural differences within China, as well as amount of Altaic and Caucasian genetic mixing in the northern populations.
    Roissy should stick to what he knows and loves, such as sleeping with other men's wives.

  3. Concerining Steve Sailer's (whoever he may be) platitudes, I suppose one could say, as Americans said when people in other countries criticies the Bish regime, "they just envy our freedom". South Africa was better off under Mandela than among any other leader before or since. People in the US may not like that, preferiing everyone else to be oppressed and miserable, perhaps. My take here:


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