Monday, January 27, 2014

A rockabilly subculture, and more

  • The rockabillies. At first it seems a rehash of the usual stuff (bikers, poodle skirts) by hipsters, only about style or being campy ironic, not a conservative cultural statement, but there may be more to it. What do you know? I'm sort of part of a subculture. The headline's wrong of course. '51 wasn't rockabilly; this thing's center of gravity seems more around '58.
  • More common sense about the Ukraine. This much is clear: there are parts of Russia that don't belong in Russia (e.g. the Caucasus, Kaliningrad) and there are parts the rest of the world that do. Whatever the reason the east doesn't want to be in the EU (fear of being wiped out economically by better competition in the West?), been saying for years: make the west, which is Greek Catholic and wasn't part of Russia until the Soviets stole it in WWII, its own country with Lvov as the capital, and the east can go back to being an integral part of Russia.
  • Thinking again about the lack of anti-Russianness in entertainment in the Cold War, at the time I thought it wasn't so much the Commies in the media as an understandable desire not to offend an enemy who has nukes aimed at you. So James Bond fought make-believe bad guys instead.
  • The curious case of Dr. V and the wonder putter. Learned of this on Dreher's blog. Interesting possibility of a placebo effect in sports. The thoughtcrime: if somebody lies to you about which sex he is, can you trust him on anything? Reminds me of Bradley “Maybe a Hero, Maybe Not” Manning seeming to try to get out of jail by calling himself Chelsea. Sailer has an idea why some manly men have this problem: it's a fetish about a feminine version of themselves (autogynephilia).
  • From Bishop Williamson: Pope Francis merely expresses more blatantly than his five predecessors the madness of Vatican II. The question remains whether any of the six Conciliar Popes ... can really have been Vicars of Christ. The question is not of prime importance. If they have not been Popes, still the Catholic Faith and morals by which I must “work out my salvation in fear and trembling” (Phil. II, 12) have not changed one iota. Keep calm and carry on as that memed British WWII sign says. Catholic liberals and non-Catholics don't understand that we don't worship the Pope, nor can he change essentials. Like Obama's not America's main problem, the issue isn't low-church Francis getting the libs' hopes up but that Catholicism is true. So I don't feel I have to spin everything he says, but those who do spin it point out he has defended essentials, that Benedict and others have, rightly or wrongly, criticized the market in the name of denouncing greed, etc., and that it's the secular media who are Johnny One-Notes about the church and sex; they ignore everything else the Popes say. This guy’s another Paul VI, nothing more.
  • Ecumenism's just a reality check. This year's Chair of Unity Octave's over, and pretty much forgotten even by the churches, now that ecumenism's passé... obviously they aren't getting back together like the liberals and some Anglo-Catholics thought 50 years ago. All we can do is keep reminding non-Catholics what the church really teaches so we don't try to kill each other again, and let them know the door's always open. Catholic ecumenism is you-come-in-ism.
  • Yeah, that's my parish. Went Novus yesterday in order to catch a vintage sale in New Jersey. Fr. David wore his biretta to preach, the white-gloved altar boy rang the sanctus bell, and Communion was at the rail, kneeling. All that's missing is eastward-facing. The charismatics raised their hands at the Our Father. Live and let live.
  • From Bob Wallace: modern war as human sacrifice.
  • From Face to Face (the renamed Dusk in Autumn): how elite are sports fans these days?
  • From Ex-Army: Republicans are nothing but Democrats with a pseudo-conservative PR department.
  • From the Anti-Gnostic:
    • The Dark Enlightenment is pissing off all the right sort of people. More.
    • There really is no American nation. Propositional states are not real nations. A nation can have a proposition, but the proposition is not the nation. The Church is simply not "built" for a world where the Empire disappeared ... and people can pick up and move someplace else when the fighting starts or the jobs disappear. At the same time, propositional states like the US are not "built" for the Church... just one of many odd little cults which the State may or may not choose to tolerate, similar to how the old Roman Imperium viewed Judaism and the early Christian Church. Better minds than me will have to figure out how to resolve this.


  1. Hah! I have been saying for years that Williamson was a closet sedevacantist.

  2. Yeah, his comments there don't do him any favors. And I wonder if his brother bishops in the SSPX, who formally reject sedevacantism, will finally discipline Williamson for his statements. They have, after all, done it before...

    1. Williamson is no longer a member of the SSPX. Apparently he was too extreme even for them.

  3. I forget to thank you for your post on Rockabilly culture. I did a post on it...I was amused because I own some retro stuff.

    Soon, in ten years or so, I'll have my '32 Ford Deuce Couple up and running!


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