Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A good word for the Dark Enlightenment, and more

  • From Takimag:
  • New to me: Theden. Neoreaction.
  • From LRC: Stuff like this convinces me the Beatles were an instrument of evil. “Imagine” is a beautiful song that sure is. (Here’s a good Lennon spoof.)
  • From the Anti-Gnostic: bleak Christianity. Thing is, traditionalism isn’t quite the ghetto he makes it out to be. It’s a minority, but my parish is a magnet for young families with their four or more kids.
  • While married priests wouldn’t solve the vocations shortage (all the churches are hurting as secular humanism, the son of Protestantism, replaces them), the ex-Anglican ordinariates and the Greek Catholics, if free to practice their traditions, would be a good witness, since nobody expects conservative Catholics to have them. Celibacy’s just a rule, and one I and other Catholics don’t think much about. Enforcing it caused two schisms in this country (Toth and Chornock) for no good reason. But the wrong people in the Roman Rite, old liberals, want to change, and they don’t care about the Orthodox/Greek Catholic custom. They just want to be like mainline Protestants.
  • Another potential good from both: vernacular traditional liturgy. Most Catholics would be fine with my Mass as long as they don’t have to hear it in Latin. The English Missal is ready to be used!
  • Forgotten history from Cracked (I hope it stops being PC preachy but it probably won’t): as a young Navy officer on a Pacific island during the war, Nixon was a fun guy. He ran a casino bar.


  1. I was in London on Monday and popped into the Catholic bookshop next to Westminster Cathedral. Imagine my surprise when I saw the English Missal for sale on the shelves!

    1. Got my handy Catholic RSV Bible there. Wonderful news!


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