Saturday, February 22, 2014



  1. I once saw a Western in which a cowboy was wearing a wristwatch, and another in which there were jet contrails in the sky in the background.

  2. Assortative mating, part of rising social immobility/our Third Worldification?

    People have always married in their socio-economic class, just like they also marry in a 10-point IQ range of each other. He's missing a big one: the high cost of a house in a decent school district, i.e., Sailer's Affordable Family Formation. In such a climate, K-selected groups start shutting down.

    At the lower margins, welfare frees women to sleep with attractive cads instead of boring dads.

  3. "We live in a golden age of production design—but only for what we see, not for what we hear. Script-wise, anything goes..."

    It's not just phrases and slang; the same thing happens with the plots. I've seen historical shows that were obviously penned by a writing staff born long after Roe v. Wade and the invention of The Pill- young writers who can't conceive of a world in which sexual activity had real and potentially serious consequences. I know that loading a show with gratuitous sex and violence boosts ratings, but sometimes I can't help thinking to myself, "With the amount of unprotected boinking that's taken place, at least half of the women on this show should be pregnant by now". Pre-Kinsey Americans certainly weren't chaste angels, but neither did they randomly "hook up" like 21st-century college students on Spring Break in Cancun. On the rare occasion that these shows do depict the negative consequences of easy sex, it's usually to hammer home a heavy-handed feminist message about the oppression of women in the Bad Old Days.


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