Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snark, the sexes, and more

  • From Steve Sailer:
    • Fisking an anti-HBD article.
    • The World War III that wasn’t. Not the “Reagan will blow up the world” lie from the left at the time (the now-forgotten nuclear-freeze movement), which come to think of it was a rehash of the liberals’ (Bill Moyers) slander in ’64 of the man who deserved to be president (one of whose campaign pins is in front of me as I write). But to give the freezeniks credit, they made me think: questioning the military-industrial complex like Eisenhower did, and warmongering in general (Gen. Smedley Butler: war is a racket). By the way, a Democrat with the best intentions (’60s liberals as in The Quiet American; good Cold Warriors) got us into Vietnam. A non-ideological Republican got us out (and then got busted essentially for not looking like President Kennedy). Peace through strength and the USSR’s internal contradictions (Marxism flouts economics) took it down as predicted by the smart.
  • From Charles Coulombe: A paean to Anglo-Catholics. Their semi-congregationalism meant, after the council, they were able to teach this then-Episcopalian kid pre-conciliar Catholic practice when the American Catholic Church wanted nothing to do with it anymore, so thanks.
  • From Sunshine Mary:
  • From Roissy: Why women are more liberal. More because of self-interest (marry the state) than well-meant nurturing.
  • From TAC: Corporatism loves gay marriage. Also, as Face to Face has noted, the anti-Establishment pose of the left has been gone for at least 20 years, so their merger with corporatism isn’t surprising.
  • Also, as I understand it, fascism is corporatism plus statism, not belief in HBD as critics of the Dark Enlightenment claim. You can welcome a king or a Franco, or be laissez-faire, and believe in HBD.

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  1. Fascism is the State uber alles. The great generals Franco and Pinochet were good Catholics, which probably disqualified them from fascism right there.

    More particularly, fascism was a competitor for State power with communism after the collapse of the European monarchies at the end of World War I. The people who tag neo-reactionaries as 'fascist' really have no idea what they are talking about.


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