Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Крым: the Crimea is Russia again

Очень хорошо! Wonderful! Поздравляю! Congratulations!

That went down like I thought it would.

Well-meaning Catholics including those who remember the Cold War and the heroic Ukrainian Catholic Church resurfacing after 40 years underground support the rebels in Kiev.

The Ukraine joining the EU and NATO would be like California seceding from the Union and Red China further turning it against us, even conducting military exercises there. Is Obama so phenomenally vain and stupid as to start a nuclear war with Russia over a piece of land nothing to do with us?

I've read something from Patriarch Svyatoslav supporting the rebels, which is understandable. I'd welcome a conservative, even authoritarian (as Slavic states tend to be), Slavic state, partly Greek Catholic, in the remaining Ukraine. That said, I understand that the clergy of all of the Ukraine's "Catholic" churches - Russian Orthodox, nationalist breakaway Orthodox, and Ukrainian Catholic - have asked the Ukrainian and Russian governments not to go to war (and indeed Russia has not), have prayed literally in the street to try to keep the peace, and have been ministering to the wounded. Acting in a Christian manner. The people I knew from Kharkov and Simferopol were Russian. Hooray for Russia and, I hope, hooray for the new Ukraine, its own Slavic state, not a U.S. and EU pawn.

Russia isn't Communist anymore. Sure, the Crimea and Transdniester have Soviet flags and statues of Lenin but they're also nominal Orthodox. They miss the USSR because it's what they grew up with and of course they're proud that Russia was a superpower. (It still is, which is why Obama can't tell it what to do. Putin has nukes and an empire: hands off! As the Germans learned in the war, don't f*ck with Russia.) We don't import anything from the Ukraine. The U.S. government should STAY OUT OF IT.

Why the hell did the U.S. under Clinton sign a treaty to defend the Ukraine's sovereignty? Haven't the Western pols learned anything from World War I? Entangling alliances caused an unnecessary, immoral war.

Like with World War I, the liberals want to wipe out a conservative nation's power. The liberal Protestants in America wanted to KO Catholic Europe; the fundamentalists were doves. Now Obama wants to get Russia. That's why the U.S. government backed the putsch in Kiev. Joke's on them if the new Ukraine is neo-Nazi. (Historically understandable. The western Ukrainians, the Greek Catholics, welcomed the Germans as liberators. I've met two Ukrainian veterans of the German army.)

The eastern Ukraine is Russia. The center, including Kiev, is Russian-speaking but wants to be independent, like Austria to Germany. The west speaks Ukrainian and is Greek Catholic. It isn't Russian. Stalin stole it during the war.

The Crimea just self-determined. It is Russia and always will be, unto ages of ages. Amen.

I only have a problem with "the melding of Realpolitik and religious language" when it causes schisms. I'm a big-picture Catholic. We aren't trying to break up Orthodoxy. Bring back the WHOLE Orthodox Church, including mighty Russia, the big NYET to the liberal agenda. These are estranged TRADITIONAL Catholics. Promoting Ukrainian Catholic nationalists instead is shortsighted; Uniatism all over again. That's why I'm pro-Russian to this day.


  1. "The eastern Ukraine is Russia. The center, including Kiev, is Russian-speaking but wants to be independent, like Austria to Germany. The west speaks Ukrainian and is Greek Catholic."

    giant putin inspired lebensraum lie.

    "It isn't Russian. Stalin stole it during the war."
    stalin unified the polish occupied areas to the rest of ukraine

    anyways the only positive of the situation is with crimea no longer a part of the country, never again will a russophile ever be elected as president of ukraine or form a government

  2. the fruit of blood and iron:

  3. "Haven't the Western pols learned anything from World War I? Entangling alliances caused an unnecessary, immoral war."

    Forming entangling alliances is problematic in and of itself, but what's REALLY stupid is forming an entangling alliance with a country that has an ongoing ethnic and territorial dispute with its superpower neighbor. Despite my sympathy for the Ukrainian position (it's a large, flat country with very few natural defenses, so it's usually at the mercy of its neighbors- it's easy to see why they'd want a powerful ally), I wouldn't recommend letting Ukraine into NATO at all. If the powers-that-be insist, thought, the least they could do is force the Ukrainians and Russians to sit down at a conference table and come up with a comprehensive agreement on the status of the Crimea, the ethnic Russians of Eastern Ukraine, oil and gas pipelines, and anything else that could possibly cause a dispute between them. Once everyone has signed his name and given multiple assurances that he finds the agreement totally satisfactory and perpetually binding, let Ukraine know that violation of the agreement is grounds for being kicked out of NATO. Russia will probably use this as an excuse to push the Ukrainians around and humiliate them in small ways at every opportunity, but at least it is slightly less likely to lead to an accidental WWIII that leaves the whole planet looking like Chernobyl.

    Also, your version of WWI is the historically-accurate version, not the fantasy version that gets taught in "how to be an American political pundit" classes. In that version, some German-speaking aristocratic toff, who probably had it coming, was assassinated by a nobody, and the pre-Nazi Nazis who ruled the Prusso-Austrian empire used this insignificant event as a pretext to try to conquer the world (an eternal temptation faced by the German race). America dithered for a while because it was ruled by lotus-eating ostriches who wanted to ignore everything that ever happens abroad, until we finally decided to go over and save the world (the eternal duty of the American state). In the minds of many, WWI was just the lamer, less entertaining prequel to WWII.


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