Monday, April 28, 2014

Depression 2.0 and more

  • From Theden: Depression 2.0: decline is the new normal.
  • Modestinus: A point I have made to my friends, although a bit crude, still holds weight. If my Eastern European forebears from a century or so ago walked into a Byzantine Rite Catholic Church today, particularly one situated in “the old country,” they would recognize far more than be surprised at what is novel or “updated.” If my same forebears did the same in a Roman Rite parish, they would be scandalized to the point of spitting on the floor before storming out the front door. Yes, the Church is more than a liturgical rite; however, its ethos counts for a lot. The ethos of today is not like the ethos of yesterday, and there is no reasonable argument to be made that could convince any sane man otherwise. No, I don’t believe that means the Church isn’t the Church, but she, at the behest of more than just bureaucrats in Rome, behaves quite different now than she ever did before.

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