Sunday, April 27, 2014

Low Sunday: Quasimodo Sunday

  • Mass: Quasi modo, geniti infantes, alleluia, rationabiles, sine dolo lac concupiscite, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.
  • From Hilary: Bad men cannot unmake the Real, even if they happen to be Pope. If you read only one link in this post, this should be the one. Here Rod Dreher sidles up to the issue Hilary faces head on.
  • Recently Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong, like Msgr. Steenson, wrote something, on Facebook, about being Catholic largely because of Vatican II. The church acknowledging the good in the old American way (freedom of religion) was nice but I'm a convinced Catholic largely IN SPITE OF Vatican II. I'm a trad by default but not one who thinks the whole '50s church was super-pious. I'm not. It's just that what religion I happen to have is pre-conciliar Roman.
  • One of those pick-a-denomination quizzes. My results on this kind of quiz: because my answers include the East, sometimes Orthodox edges out Catholic, because the quiz's writer doesn't know that Catholicism is more than the Roman Rite. Missouri Synod Lutheran is pretty high on the list; Episcopal comes in about sixth place. That's what happened here: Orthodox 100%, Catholic and LCMS tied for second at 88%, and Episcopal at seventh place behind Assemblies of God and the Church of Christ. Tied for dead last at 0%: Unitarian Universalism and the Unity Church (part of the New Thought movement, doubtfully Christian; basically 19th-century New Agers).
  • One more time: On the narrative's big lie about the priestly underage gay sex scandal.
  • The church can't change doctrine.
  • An old article on Episcopal decline. In a way it is still George Washington's church - cut off from Catholicism, in heresy but with a shell of credal orthodoxy, most of whose members lost their faith at the "Enlightenment," just like Washington himself. The Romanticism that begat Anglo-Catholicism plus their semi-congregationalism meant they were able to teach me high church when most in the Catholic Church didn't want anything to do with it anymore, but what I described is still reality. They'll dip below a million members and maybe merge with the other mainliners, Church of South India fashion (meaning they'd all get bishops and become Episcopalians). Modern secular people don't need them anymore.
  • In the church, liturgical authenticities aren't so much crafted (writing a liturgy from scratch, such as the Novus Ordo, is un-Catholic) as very gradually evolving, grounded in our doctrine but also grassroots. The story of every traditional rite and of the Middle Ages. True of both official liturgical and devotional Catholicism
  • From Bob Wallace:

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